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Forget Marriage, Bring on the Babies: 20 Nigerian Celebrities with Children Out of Wedlock


While many of his fans have congratulated him, they have also questioned why he has a child out-of-wedlock. In addition, many have also lamented on the rise of Nigerian celebrities having children out-of-wedlock.

“Wedlock” means “children born of a mother and a father who were not married at the time of birth; who are not in wedlock,” according to Duhaime’s Law Dictionary.

I found these lamentations intriguing and thought to pay an even closer look at the subject. Here are my observations in coming up with over thirty names in the span of the past 3-4years that are Nigerian celebrities in the music industry with children out-of-wedlock:

  • Nigerian society is still very sexist. It is why the likes of Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji (who had a child during her teens), Omawumi and Waje can have children but still remain extremely secretive about mentioning or sharing their children with the world. In contrast, their male counterparts flaunt their children from many women to the world.
  • Nigerian society is again still very sexist which is why you will see these male artists flaunt their babies/children but definitely not the baby mamas, even if they are still in ongoing relationships with these baby mamas.
  • Nigerian male celebrity artists can afford to have and will continue to have children out-of-wedlock because no one really holds them accountable. In fact, it is expected that those in a profession which is considered unruly, and anything but intellectual, will yield results like what we see i.e. children out-of-wedlock.
  • Nigerian society, despite the immense strides that the entertainment industry has made,  continues to value its intellectuals (lawyers, doctors, engineers) over entertainers. Entertainers can easily be booked for gigs at the parties, weddings etc. of the intellectuals to entertain the intellectuals.  So, again, there is a certain lowered expectation from its industry practitioners because the respect for the profession is still, overall, lacking.
  • Nigerian society at large still doesn’t believe that what its entertainers are doing is enough to or has caused a significant shift or threatens societal customs and practices. Once that happens, then Nigerian society will begin screaming and questioning what appears to be a rapid increase in children out-of-wedlock. For now, the actions of the unruly few, in an industry that many still do not really respect, has no bearing on the masses.
  • As to the current legal implications of children born out-of-wedlock and what it means for these children in a Nigerian society, I covered it in the past in the following article titled: Over 7yrs and 2 Kids Later, Peter Okoye Proposes: Why You Should NOT Follow Lola Omotayo’s Example.
  • Bottom line, Nigerian society is marriage obsessed. It is also obsessed with education and intellectualism. While the entertainment industry is impressive with its strides and gains, the expected behavior of its perceived “unruly” is not enough, just yet, to cause an emergency crisis in the nation. Why? Simply put, our industry talents are not seen as “role models” by society at large.
  • The ideal role model for the average Nigerian still remains persons in the corporate world and with traditional degrees. Therefore, obtaining a traditional degree and going up the corporate ladder is ideal. Again, when the shift occurs where our creative talents are now perceived as “role models” by society at large, then expect laws to tighten, new laws implemented and society’s hand to get even heavier in its judgment against persons having children out-of-wedlock, whether they be women or men within or outside the entertainment industry.

Having said all the above, check out 20 Nigerian celebrities (mostly in the music industry) with children out-of-wedlock, just within a short span of time (years),  and then tell me what your thoughts are on my write up.

Do you agree? Disagree? Have a different view? Share your thoughts.

Also check out the video below that gives you the big picture of the kind of pressure, women particularly face, to get married.


~Ms. Uduak

Getting the guy or girl of your dreams by Toke Makinwa, Adora Oleh, Dolapo & Bolanle on Girl Talk

1. Father to at least seven kids, six of which are out-of-wedlock with three women.


2.  Paul Okoye ( He subsequently married his baby mama)
Paul Okoye

3. Peter Okoye has two kids out-of-wedlock. In 2013 he married his baby mama. They now have three kids.

4. Jesse Jags

5. Brymo
Brymo and Baby

6. Olamide

7. Wizkid

8. Davido

9. Flavour

10. May D

11. Ice Prince

12. Kayswitch


13. Obafemi Martins (The football star has 3 kids with 3 different mothers)

Obafemi Martins

14. Oritse Femi & his baby mama who continue to have private drama spill in public.


15. Terry G


16. 9ice
New baby with new woman
9ice Baby Mama

Twins from a different woman
9ice Twins

17. Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti Welcomes Baby

18. Timaya


19. Patoranking

Patoranking Son

20. IK Ogbonna (The Model/Actor has a daughter out of wedlock and is expecting yet another child from a different woman)
IK Ogbonna

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