Hi, I’m Uduak Oduok (Ms. Uduak). I am a lawyer and Co-founder of Ebitu Law Group, P.C. where I represent businesses, and creative talents on mostly Intellectual Property, Business, Fashion & Entertainment Law Issues.


For many years, I struggled with how to fully express my African identity and the challenges I experienced as a girl-child growing up in Nigeria. I wanted to capture my passion for the law, my dual identity as an African and American (I was born in the U.S.), my love for the creative arts yet also advocate for issues very dear to my heart i.e. the de-marginalization of the African woman and girl-child.

Frustrated, I began researching and discovered that there was yet another largely ignored group in the West and on the continent, the African musician/artists.

A light bulb went on in my head and right there and then, I knew what to do. Without much thought, I launched a blog, the first of its kind on the continent and in the West, called it Africa Music Law and got to blogging and providing resources and valuable insights to these artists (majority male) to empower them. In exchange, I got their attention which has allowed me to share the impact of the continued marginalization of the African woman and the girl child, the need for change and what change ought to look like.

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  1. Iredumare says:

    Lady like man, so the Yoruba would say. After carefully making your site a mentor during undergraduate days, I think it's time I plead to have direct communication with a mentor and a senior colleague. One who asks, never misses his way (Yoruba saying) and no one reaches the Top by merely looking at it (Igbo saying)… in this light I seek to have the opportunity to communicate with you and have you

  2. @Iredumare- Thank you for the kind words. Congratulations again on being admitted into the Nigerian bar. Send me questions you may have as you begin your practice of law to ([email protected]) and I will do my best to answer them, to the best of my ability.


  3. jese says:

    good stuff over. iam a law student and i have a similar passion as yours. have also written a similar script.

    1. Awesome Jese.

  4. Denny says:


    What’s your take on Mscn and Coson ,are they enemy of we musicians ,both heads of both services have little or no copyright content of their own,Okoriji only one song Juliana,Mayo nothing as far as intellectual property is consign .beg 2face to fight for the interest of musicians and use his clout to fight piracy and structure s that will drive progress for our industry mayo and Okoriji who dem help ,only looking for ways to line their pocket .while Nigeria copyright service look the other way.I’m working on music video now ,I hope to rip the benefit of my great song.Big fan of your blog Africamusiclaw.com.

  5. I listened to you on Metro this morning and would like to book a session with you. What are your rates?
    A session on how to get a few artists I am managing on a global platform.

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