Celebrities Behaving Badly: “My dogs eat better than some Nigerians,” says Davido’s brother Adewale Adeleke, HKN Music Chairman

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Celebrities Behaving Badly (CBB) is a category on AML that I launched in April 2012 after Seun Kuti went bananas on Obi Asika on social media. The rants and attacks were so intense, I decided to launch the category to gather the foolishness on social media and to use it as a way of discussing, primarily, public relations and branding for artists. On to today’ s post…

I thought it was only Sony artist David Adeleke aka Davido that had a major problem in the Adeleke family. Clearly, I was wrong. There are multiple persons in the family with a huge problem. I will say, with all due respect, that a big part of that has to do with how Mr. Adeleke senior, the father, is stirring his children. You can’t receive the requisite home training, especially as Nigerian/African young men, and not have a strong sense of responsibility not to disgrace your family and family name the way The Adeleke boys have been doing lately.

Daddy Adeleke, what’s going on with your children? Please rein them in.

Our CBB story today is sad and very embarrassing, in my view.

Adewale (Wale) Adeleke is the older brother of Davido. He is also a music producer and chairman of one of Davido’s music labels, HKN Music. In addition, he serves as the executive director at Pacific Energy Limited. I am unsure if that is a company owned by his father. Nevertheless, Wale took to social media (Snapchat), over the weekend (Saturday), to boast that his dogs eat better than some Nigerians and noodles are a food for dogs.

Wale, really? Yes. The entire Nigeria and Africa and many in the diaspora know that the Adelekes are filthy rich. But do we really need Wale to compare his dogs and their lifestyle to the rest of the Nigerian population? Something is DEEPLY off within the Adeleke family and I’ve already said it might be the seeming unaddressed emotional loss/void of the passing of their mother when the boys were really young. These children need serious therapy or else they will continue to self-destruct and drag their father and family name down while at it.

While Wale has since apologized, many Nigerians are responding with, “apology not accepted.”

Wale, omo jati jati ni e. Really.

-Ms. Uduak

Photo Credit: Instablog Naija

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  1. Ah, Uduak, that last line, LoL.

    You may have a good point on the father not keeping a keen eye on the children because I personally felt that the spat the family had with the Momodu’s (Sophia, Davido’s baby mama and Dele, Ovation publisher) shouldn’t have warranted multiple unchecked disses by Davido i.e. “Dele na my boy…”.

    From what I know, the Yoruba culture is way too diplomatic or is it very strict on drak my with elders…

    Davido’s father likely unaware when the diss recordings that Davido ensured were on features by the way, were being made would have cautioned his son after the songs were public knowledge. Davido went ahead a delivered the disrespectful line with glee with Dele Momodu in attendance this last December. Not a fan of Dele but that’s sick IMO.

    Wale, noodles for dogs; what happened to Pedigree Chums?

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