Who We Are: Founded by Uduak Oduok, a California based Business, Fashion & Entertainment Lawyer Uduak, AfricaMusicLaw.com (AML) is the premier music business and entertainment law digital portal empowering the African artist, and the creative industry at large.

What We Do: AML, through its leading website and podcast show, provides legal and business commentary and analysis on hot topics in pop culture affecting the fashion and entertainment industry and its professionals. It also provides insights and tips for the creative entrepreneur through engaging interviews from experienced and successful industry insiders within Hollywood & on the continent of Africa.

Demographic: The AML audience is primarily male, educated, an
 influencer, an industry executive, business
owner, artist-preneur, lawyer, artist
 manager, music producer, concert promoter,
 publicist, music distributor, and music
 technology entrepreneur. He is on the pulse
 of new media and can be found on the major
 social network sites like Facebook, Twitter,
 Instagram, You Tube, Google+ and Linkedin. He 
spends at least 2-3hrs per day on the
 internet. As such, he constantly buys products and services online as well as uses e-mail, Skype, IMs and chats online.

Stats: Industry Professionals (Music Executives, Label Owners) = 30%, Artists = 50%, Other (Lawyers, Publicists, Promoters) = 20% Ethnicity = African 80% Other 20% Gender = 70% Male, 30% Female.

Podcast: Made iTunes Top 4 in ‘New & Noteworthy’ category in 2014. Countries: Nigeria (26%), USA (23%), UK (15%), UAE (7%), Other (29%)

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  • Reskins (Ad placed as wallpaper/background of the website).

NOTE: Advertising not open to law firms.


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  1. Please you talked about an interview with chief digital officer at mavin records (on the radio last year 2017) I can’t find the interview on your site. Please give me proper guardians to get it.

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