Advocacy: Don Jazzy, CEO Mavin Records, Donates 2Million Naira to Help Law Student Battling Cancer

Last Friday, I did not share my “Happy Friday” salute. Your AML woman was super busy, had to work on the weekend, and had work on her mind. Plus, the drama in the industry was a bit much on the EME cancelled concert wasn’t it? But now . .  . let’s make it official people!!! HAPPY NEW AML ANNIVERSARY WEEK!!!!! YUP! Mark your calendars! August 23rd, 2012 we partying it up on AML with your comments and what many of you have to say about AML! I am excited!!!

For now, let’s get it cracking on the latest news stories and legal issues. I’ll kick things off with the generosity of Don Jazzy. Don Jazzy, CEO of Mavin Records and a man who has contributed to the significant advancement of Nigeria’s music industry, opens his wallet to help a person in need. Specifically, the Mavin boss has donated 2Million Naira to a law student who is battling cancer. Don Jazzy responded to a call on popular blog website to help the law student. Don Jazzy may God bless and reward you for your generosity. Ami, ami, ami (Amen, amen, amen). Below is an excerpt from Linda Ikeji blog about the recent law graduate who battles cancer of the shoulder:

“Funmi Lawal is the 2011 UNILAG law graduate who was recently diagnosed with malignant sacorma, a kind of cancer at the shoulder region. (If you missed it..see it HERE). Funmi was in need of N4 million for surgery.

Mavin Records CEO and prolific music producer, Don Jazzy has donated N2 million to her. He did it quietly…didn’t want it out…but I just had to let people know what he did. He’s such a generous, kind hearted human being and good deeds like this need to be appreciated and encouraged .  . . ” – Linda Ikeji.

Funmi needs N4million for surgery ASAP abroad to save her life. If you are interested in helping her, you may visit Linda Ikeji website for more details after you read Funmi’s account of her ordeal below:

“I’ve had this shoulder issues since like 7yrs now though, have done a surgery sometimes back and I’ve gone to other places too, but no head way (couldn’t lift the hand) but when law school came, I dint have time for the hand but studies.. Then it started getting bigger at d shoulder region and bigger by d day. I went 2 my hospital and they asked me 2 do some test like MRI, fine needle test and all. On d test, they said there is a MALIGNANT SARCOMA. A doctor friend then referred me to an expert doctor in this field… He said its a kind of bone cancer and its extensive, he said I must start RADIO therapy fast to shrink d tumor and stop any spread. He also said that there is a test called “bone scan” dt will show my whole body to know where it has spread to and this test can’t be done in Nigeria because d machine is not in Nigeria yet, that I must find a way as soon as possible to go do d surgery outside the country because its life threatening… He said if I lose my hand its better than losing my life. Meanwhile my brother contacted some doctors online and hospitals that specialize in this kind of tumor.. He was the one that gave the estimated price via email . .  .”

Linda Ikeji has more information.

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