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AKON aka “Mr. Smack that” IS FATHER of Two More Kids, Fights for Joint Custody

Rapper Akon who has several hit songs, including the now famous “smack that” hit single,  has several kids (some reports say five) children by three women. What else is expected from an artist who thinks females are meant to  be bent over while he “smacks that till (they) give (him) some mo’?'”   (Fellas whatchu looking at? He said it, not me.) In any event, Akon now adds two more kids to the mix.

My thoughts

1. We have been completely brainwashed to believe that men simply lack self control when it comes to sex. It is impossible to exercise self control. In fact, you are not a real man, just a goody too shoe man if you don’t go wild. I’mma just leave it alone for now. Suffice it to say, men believe this and so do women.

I know the fellas that read AML are on a whole different level, totally above the cut. However, for those who will search online, google etc. and run into this article. I gotta get on that soap box on this one because I have had to deal with it, on the job, and it ain’t funny.

Fellas, the sex can’t be that good it makes you just go about knocking up all kinds of women and just having kids anyhow. KIDS matter. Be a bit more responsible with your choices. I have no clue who turned man whoring into machoism. It is the nastiest and scariest thing ever, especially given the times we live in i.e.  STDs. Also for the kids involved, visit a Family Law courthouse and spend less than 15minutes and you see legal drama like you never thought possible; and worse the kids that are really affected by the choices people make. If that does not convince you, visit a Family Dependency courtroom. Many of the kids that ultimately end up in foster homes, are children from persons just popping babies like it ain’t nothing but a thang. Society is forced to deal with it and worse, the children are scarred for life, among other negative things that stem from these kinds of situations. Fellas, have some pride and class with whom you share your sperm with, really.

2. Lol! But of course “boys will be boys.” Yup, I know you all have heard that. So, carry on. There would be no family courtrooms and custody battles if many actually practiced more restraint. So, just put your money aside because you are going to need it. Akon, in this case, can afford it. Let’s see how his custody battle for his children goes.


“Akon “smacked that” … and now he’s taking responsibility for it — filing paternity docs in court last month to become the legal father of two children he had out of wedlock.

The singer filed a Petition for Legitimation in GA Superior Court … he claims he’s the father of two minor sons born in 2008 and 2009.

In the docs, Akon asks the court to grant him joint legal custody of the little tykes, allow him to be involved in all major decisions and most importantly to establish child support — even asking that his enormously high income be a factor in how much he’ll have to shell out.

Not only that … he’s also requesting the kids be eligible to inherit from him — same as if they were born in wedlock — and to keep his last name, “Thiam” as their own.” – TMZ has the full story. 

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