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America’s Maury Pauvich Show Comes to Nigeria’s Chocolate City Artist ICE PRINCE: “YOU ARE THE FATHER?!” Oleku Rapper Denies Child Support After Allegedly Knocking Up 20year Old Student

“You are NOT the father of the child!!” said the male iconic TV host very loudly for all in the studio and around the globe watching to hear. A shrill gutted painful sound followed by deep sobs escaped the lips of the young woman seated on the couch with the host while the young man pranced up, happy to discover he is not the father and to walk out of the studio and many times, dance his way into freedom. If you said, Ms. Uduak that is the Maury Pauvich show. You got it right. If you have never heard of the Maury Pauvich show, watch a clip below:

It is a case of the Maury Pauvich show comes to Chocolate City Artist Ice Prince. Does this baby look like Ice Prince?

Before I go any farther, I have a confession. I like the Chocolate City Group crew, a lot. I am a lifetime member of Zeta Phi Beta sorority which is part of the greek system here in the USA; and CCG reminds me of the Alpha Phi Alpha fellas. When I attended college, The Alphas just always had their act together, regardless of whatever campus you saw them, such gentlemen. I loved it. The young men were role models in their communities and they took such pride in being role models for young black men coming up. They also modeled what young black women should look for in the way they treated women around them. Never disrespectful, never out of line. I really loved it.

In Nigeria’s entertainment industry, CCG, to me, have that kind of class I have seen displayed by the Alphas. They are about their business and they just come correct with mad respect, majority of the time. You can’t knock their hustle. Now, liking CCG a lot does not mean I will not talk about CCG. What it means is that I find the news below extremely hard to believe and troublesome.

First, do male artists get women/groupie girlfriends on the road pregnant? Yes. They do.

Second, do I think it is cool they do, no I don’t. Artists that go about knocking women all over the place and popping babies like it ain’t nothing but a thang, to me, show  serious juvenile behavior and deeper issues of lack of self value and worth. Think about it. Any man who loves himself, like truly loves himself, will NOT deem it cool to : 1) put  himself at risk with unprotected sex; and 2) have numerous children all over the place. A weak man who does not understand his core and who he is does that. It just is what it is.

Nevertheless, for all the cheating and numerous baby popping we have heard some of our Nigerian artists doing of late, I have not heard our artists, especially Nigerian men for that matter, disown their children and want nothing to do with them.

This is where the Ice Prince situation comes in and an AML Nigerican sista is just tryna understand what the deal is. Like, seriously serious? What’s really real? What’s really good Ice prince. What’s the real deal.

The allegations are that Ice Prince, a Chocolate City artist and Oleku hitmaker, impregnated a 20year old college student and had the audacity to say he will not take care of his child. The girl denies ever being pregnant but there is a picture evidencing that she was pregnant. Ice Prince denies being the father of her new born.

The story, as reported by, proceeds to assassinate the character of this young woman. From where I sit, even if she is a prostitute standing on the corner of Tejuosho market (local market in Lagos), if Ice Prince had sex with her and the child belongs to him, then the child is his responsibility. If the allegations are true, na who send am? As in did anyone send him to have sex with an allegedly loose woman?

To the degree her behavior comes into the picture, it is to strictly determine, through a paternity test, whether that child is indeed his. I don’t know about you all but all that wedlock child vs. wedded child taboo stuff saturated in Nigerian culture is pure nonsense to me. It is certainly one I reject. A child is a child is a child. A Nigerian child born on Nigerian soil is Nigeria’s problem because the future of Nigeria is in the hands of that child/children and if we do not treat our children well, they will reward us accordingly.

As I said, I really like the fellas at CCG, a lot. So, I am trying to make sense of all this mess, denials et. al., overall, I find relativity credible. They interviewed both sides so what’s up?

I am also trying to understand how it is possible that Ice Prince of all persons would not appreciate life and the gift of life, given the unfortunate loss of both his parents at  a young age.


Either way, I don’t do family law but from the basics I know, a paternity test is only appropriate and if indeed the child is his, then you already know the fella gotta step it up, like yesterday. By the way, AML American artists intrigued to read all the way to this point, wrap it up fellas, really. Wrap it up! In the USA, deadbeat dads are considered criminals. Mothers can and do petition the court for a paternity test to confirm paternity. There are laws on paying child support and where you fail to, you can and will be locked up when the authorities catch up. If you can’t do the time i.e. pay child support etc. then don’t have babies and there will be no child support parties and legal drama in family court or all over the media and blogs.

One final thing, where I have to deal with issues like this i.e. criminal defense work and then this interplay of baby daddy drama comes in, I am amazed to hear grown men say, “she trapped me.” Dude, you had sex with her! It is your duty to use protection and protect yourself and her. Even protection is not guaranteed. There are consequences for that few minutes of pleasure.

“With this history of controversy, it’s no surprise her baby daddy Ice Prince is not exactly pleased with the present situation. Bimbo’s friends say the rapper is ‘very unhappy with her’ and has refused to be financially or emotionally committed, even after she put to bed last week. ‘Her mother took her to Abeokuta to give birth because the family is upset with her. Her mom said she doesn’t want to see her and the baby. And even though Ice Prince went to see her when she gave birth, he was shouting at her. She wept, but he was not even moved…’

Another friend says: ‘We all had to contribute money for her to prepare for delivery and take care of the child. He didn’t give her any money. Not even a dime. I think he’s mean’.

We tried for days to speak with Ice Prince, but he was not forthcoming. Those close to him say it’s a difficult situation for the rapper. Why? Prior to dating Ice Prince, Bimbo allegedly had an affair with Ice Prince’s label mate and fellow Jos Town artiste Jesse Jagz. ‘It’s so funny, she wasn’t even his real girlfriend. She cheated on Jesse with him, and dude wasn’t smart enough to use protection’, one of Bimbo’s close friends told us.

As we found out, it’s not likely that Ice Prince is ‘feeling the boy’. The rapper didn’t act the part of a proud papa, denying the news when we placed a call to him on Friday, March 2nd, 2012. He spoke to our correspondents shortly before a performance in Yola, Adamawa State

After trying to book an interview with him for days, we placed a call to his phone. However, due to difficulties in communicating, Ice Prince then asked us to try text messaging. When we sent him a text concerning the news, he called back and said;

‘You are asking me questions, you are just a normal reporter and I don’t know why you are asking these questions. I’m not going to answer any questions, I don’t know anything’. . .” –

Photocredit:Gossip Nigeria

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    ‘Joy to the world a child is born’ but will earth receive this prince? Commenets about the girls lifestyle or ice prince’s are not really my issue cause it’s their lives regardless of how our culture or the industry views it. I see nothing wrong in 2 adults having consensual sex so if baby don show well they both have to be matured about it. marriage is not on discussion here, the baby needs care and love and both parties owe the child that much. Goodluck to them three whoever the father is.

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