AML Approved Artist: TB1 ‘God No Dey Lie’ ft. Frank Edwards (Audio & Lyrics)

AML people, happy new week!!

This week is a busy season in the fashion industry. It’s New York Fashion Week which kicked off on September 6th and ends on Thursday, the 13th. If you are the fashion inclined type, you can watch the shows streamed live via You Tube. It is a better view than even sitting front rows at the shows, please believe that.

For this week, I’ll keep it very light on AML i.e. it’s all about the music part of Africa Music Law™, good music.

Kicking it off this week is a very simple ballard from AML artist TB1 titled ‘God No Dey Lie.’ You all know I’m crazy about that acoustic guitar sound. Typically TB1 songs are very energetic pumped up songs. I like that he took it a few notches down on this track and displayed a bit more versatility with his style.

Check on it and have a healthy and productive week ahead, yes, get your workout in, get it in! 🙂



Lyrics sent by TB1

God no dey lie oh!
What he said he will do
He did for me, he’s still alive
and I’m sure he’ll do it for you

Verse 1
Far beyond what the mind can imagine
He can do beyond whatever you ask him
never sleeps never slumber
Closer than a brother got his eyes on u like a father
He’s not a man that he’ll lie
He do whatever he says so don’t cry
His name is Jehovah I calling my papa
So keep your head up praise him with your hands in the sky

God no dey lie oh! x3
What he said he will do
He did for me, he’s still alive
and sure he’ll do it for you

Verse 2
Still on the ish still on the matter
You’re blessed all the way cos you hail from the father
Stay cocky take what belongs to you
Live the beautiful life that he gave you
Like a wife he loves you, like child he cares for you
He’s always on time when you need him
Never leaves you, catch you when you falling


Verse 3
Baby you don’t even know what you’re missing
Come over to the other side
Where my God is by my side

Whoever thought I’ll come this far
Whoever thought this barrack boy will become a star
My God picked me from the down town
He’s not even a DJ but he turn my life around


To be the first you gat to represent the best
No dey stop, no dey flop just dey go up
After the nightmare the sun is gonna shine
Yes oh, yes oh we go they halla Na So!
TB1 no get wahala
Rock Town no get wahala
so when you see us on the street make you halla
Chop knuckle if you feel my swagger

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