AML Artist of the Week: Keko, Uganda’s Rising “Illest” Femcee @Kekotown

AML Industry, readers, what’s up? Happy New week and new month!

You guys I have been frustrated for quite some time now. What’s the cause of my frustration? I’ll tell you.

It is hard to point to females in Africa’s music industry that are doing it big and staying consistent on the music radar. I enjoy rocking to the music the fellas keep cooking up. However, I don’t necessarily want to hear a guy’s perspective on life, hustling, relationships, calling the shots (boss/bawse) all the time. It gets exhausting and does not necessarily resonate with me at all times. Can a sister get consistent music that connects with a woman from more of our African female artists?

I want to hear voices of women (African) that I can relate to who can rap or sing my personal experiences, via their own parallel experiences. This is where my frustration comes in because when I go into Africa’s music space to find these ladies, the offerings are so limited it is ridiculous! Of late, I am seeing a bit more effort and showcase of female artists, especially online, but it is not enough. Visit any of the sites I talk about often here on AML, and it is an overwhelmingly showcase of male artists 99% of the time . *Sigh* I’ve never been one to sit on the sidelines when there is a problem, especially a problem I believe I can be a part of the solution.

Ladies, what’s really good? Can y’all hit me up with your music? Can you all send quality work, your press releases, solicit interview opportunities, let me know what the challenges and hold ups are for you in the industry? In any given week, I am lucky if I hear from even one (1) female artist. It is predominantly the men hitting me up. I really would love to see more women at the top in this industry because I know the impact will be highly significant, especially across Africa, for young African girls. We need female artists who can tell our stories (the modern African female story via hip-hop, R & B, gospel, rock etc.); and artists who are not afraid to be trailblazers.

Send your nothing short of amazing and on point work to ([email protected]).

In any event, I went looking, again and recently, in West Africa’s music industry virtual lounges, studios etc. because I wanted a fresh sound and voice to share with you all as AML artist of the Week. I found a few dope artists. They were men. Awesome but I just really wanted a woman’s voice. This itch took me outside of West Africa, deviating from my norm here on AML, to East Africa. While there, I found my AML artist of the week!

She goes by the name Keko.

I am impressed with Keko, the newest freshest sound out of Uganda who some have dubbed the “illest” femcee so far from that region. I like everything about her: her style, her sound and her delivery. Obviously there is room for improvement but in due time I can only imagine she will get better. I find it cool she is not afraid to be both the very tomboyish girl next door (something I resonate with) and a woman who embraces her femininity.

Keko is my AML artist of the week!! She is definitely interesting and one to watch as a talented artist.

Check on her. My AML mixpod of her work will be featured on main page for AML this week .


Excerpt of interview on Keko:

“Born to Dorothy and Alex Achola, Jocelyn Tracy Keko (which means early in the morning in her native language), grew up with a vision of becoming a force to reckon with in the music industry and making it she’s doing because her three singles are fast receiving regional approval.

So who is Keko?
Keko is a Ugandan artist who comes from Tororo and a Japhadola who happens to love music.

A sneak peak into your Background?
Born to Mr Alex and Dorothy Achola, Keko is the last born of 3 girls and schooled from Rock view primary school, St Noah and Maryhill High School before pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce at Makerere University.

This is one question I always ask artists especially when it’s my first time to interview them. Why music and not any other profession?
If memory serves me correct, I had a passion for music ever since I can remember and that is basically why I always party crashed ceremonies with an excuse of performing.

I believe I was born to do this. . . ” –


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