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Okay, let me make it official! HAPPY NEW WEEK AML people! I get to kick this week off with Lecrae as AML Artist of the Week. Y’all already know what that means. It is going to be a GREAT WEEK!!!

Professionally, if I am not slicing, chopping, dicing, shaping and molding words in the courtroom or through my legal writings (motions  etc.), then y’all already know what it is and where to find me when it comes to wordplay. 🙂 I love playing with words and I have a profound respect for those who can take words and be super creative with it. Can we say X.O Senavoe, for starters? Hello?! In any event,  it is no surprise that when it comes to music, my #1 genre is hip-hop, even though I enjoy other genres. Yes, the beat matters but may the best lyricist win, AMEN.

About ten years ago, I discovered Christian hip-hop music. It really came from my frustration of not finding music, within the hip-hop genre,that inspired me. There was and continues to be an overwhelming amount of hip-slop and what is best termed as “bad medicine” out there. If you mess with it, it will make your mind sick or sicker if it is already sick. Gotta get the mind right people.

In any event, I needed the good medicine that inspired me to take on the world and just slay the daily challenges that I am and was confronted with. In the process, I discovered Christian hip-hop music. Holy Culture, Da Truth, n4red (lol!), KJ52, B.B. Jay and Know Da Verbs are just a sample of the artists whose CDs I have purchased. I haven’t looked back. Overtime, Christian hip-hop, like hip-hop out of Africa, has become much better and one of the faces leading today’s Christian hip-hop movement is Lecrae. Lecrae is a Grammy nominated artist who participated in the 2012 BET Hip-hop Cypher.

For me, beyond the fact that Lecrae is truly blessed with talent, I like that Lecrae does not compromise his message of salvation through Jesus Christ. It either is or it isn’t. I like when people, regardless of what they believe, stand firm in their convictions and have a clear idea why they believe what they believe. That’s Lecrae and Reach Records artists (his label).

Lecrae just released his ‘Church Clothes’  Mixtape aimed specifically for a circular audience. He worked with the best of the best producers on it. The mixtape is available for a free download. Over 200,000 downloads within two weeks of release, not bad. Check out the tracks I like below and then return and  download your free copy here.

Congrats Lecrae. Keep spreading that good medicine. Many need it.

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My Favorite Tracks


[audio:|titles=01 – Co-Sign (Prod by Heat Academy) (DatPiff Exclusive)]

Church Clothes

[audio:|titles=03 – Church Clothes (Prod by Wit) (DatPiff Exclusive)]


[audio:|titles=06 – Inspiration (Prod by Wit) (DatPiff Exclusive)]

Darkest Hour ft. Malice

[audio:|titles=08 – Darkest Hour ft No Malice (Prod by ThaInnaCircle) (DatPiff Exclusive)]

Black Rose

[audio:|titles=09 – Black Rose (Prod by Tyshane) (DatPiff Exclusive)]

The Price of Life ft. Andy Mineo & Co Campbell

[audio:|titles=10 – The Price of Life ft Andy Mineo & Co Campbell (Prod by Symbolic One S1 ) (DatPiff Exclusive)]

Special ft. Lester

[audio:|titles=11 – Special ft Lester L2 Shaw (Prod by ThaInnaCircle) (DatPiff Exclusive)]

Gimme A Second

[audio:|titles=13 – Gimme A Second (Prod by Boi-1da) (DatPiff Exclusive)]

Misconception ft. Propaganda, Braille & Odd Thomas (My favorite of all)

[audio:|titles=15 – Misconception ft Propaganda Braille Odd Thomas) (DatPiff Exclusive)]

Rejects ft. Christon Gray

[audio:|titles=18 – Rejects ft Christon Gray (Prod by Tha Kracken) (DatPiff Exclusive)]

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