AML Artist to Watch: He Comes in Peace! IBK Spaceshipboi, Nigeria’s Answer to America’s Lecrae? @spaceshipboi @lecrae


It is not uncommon for me to receive solicitation from industry persons in the U.S.A’s music industry asking for my opinion on who the next best sound out of Africa is or artists they should be paying attention to.

Industry stateside, please bookmark this young man’s name, IBK Spaceshipboi.

Often on this blog, I share industry news about Grammy Award winning rapper Lecrae who is simply just slaying the music scene right now with his fresh offerings.

I am thinking that IBK Spaceshipboi might just be Nigeria and Africa’s respond to the USA’s Lecrae.

I am loving all of it. Look at what he is producing at this young age? The talent, the musical arrangements, the lyrics? Wow! He thinks outside of the box and can only get better as time progresses.

I have not been this excited about an album coming out of Nigeria/Africa in a long time. You all need to check on some of IBK’s work below including his pre-teaser album.Pre-album marketing and public relations presentation, on point. Teaser music to expect, on point. This is one album I am looking forward to hearing.

Don’t sleep on him. The kid is just getting started.

Have a fantastic day folks and stay blessed.


“Some of you know him as the winner of the Don Jazzy enigma beat competition 2011, some also know him as the producer of the first ever BET Nigerian cypher 2012, one of the worlds finest creative music producers, the alien; code name : IBK spaceshipboi is about to land on earth. He is set to take you on a musical journey aboard the martianship positive vibe express and leave you speechless and inspired.

This is the Ace producers debut album called (I COME IN PEACE) and it is being released under his own production company Martianship Music Company.

The album is scheduled for release online on November 25th 2013. . .”

IBK Space Ship I Come in Peace

“Driven by the will to create distinct music guaranteed to move your spirit, soul and body, IBK is making an unusual entry into the Nigerian music terrain. With the spaceshipboi persona; a fictional superhero figure from another dimension sent to earth with a message of Change and Hope to inspire this generation, he is definitely a force to reckon with.

Born Ibukun Kevin Emuwawon in the city of Warri in Delta State on December 18 1982, the Ondo state native is the last of 4 children. He is a Producer, Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Vocal instructor and owner of the production outfit MARTIANSHIP. He spent his early youth in his birth city where he attained his basic formal Education in N.N.P.C primary school Warri, and later got his secondary education in Demonstration Secondary School run by the College of Education Warri. There, he was schoolmates with Nigerian pop soul Diva Omawumi and soul sister Nneka. During this period, IBK joined the rap duo of producer Oscar Heman-Ackah and Aiwa called the 4th Dimension; it was a period of growth and development in his craft as a Producer and a Rapper. IBK might have grown up listening to jazz, soul and the likes of Nat King Cole, Chick Corea, Leo Sayer and Nina Simone, but his rap fever was ignited the day he was introduced to the duo Kriss Kross back in the 90’s. This set in motion his journey into music which saw he and his brother writing rhymes and recording on double deck cassette players that were in vogue back then. He later moved on to Ogun state to study Computer Engineering in Covenant University, and there his passion for music blossomed. Actively involved with the school choir, he later became it’s Music Director.

This musical genius currently holds his own as Producer-at-large with Ace Producer Cobams Asuquo ceo C.A.M.P where he’s worked with the likes of Muna, Yemi Alade, Modele, Sound Sultan, Durella, and rave-of-the-moment Bez. His style is what he likes to call Spaceship-music; a fusion of neo-soul, Jazz, hip-hop and a touch of an out-of-this-world element.

While the edgy theme of 21st century hip-hop permeates his style, giving him street-worthiness and credibility, he retains the sincerity of gospel music, with his lyrics always driven by an aim to educate and a voice prepared to preach. Proof of this can be found in his singles TONGUES and HYPOTHETICAL, which have a groovy fusion of soul and hip-hop.”

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