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AML EXCLUSIVE: Ayana Olubiyi, Proprietress of Popular “Swe Bar & Lounge,” Threatens Legal Action Against Magazine & Blog Due to Malicious Claims

I received this exclusive email, for publication, from the attorneys for Ayana Olubiyi, a well known figure in Nigeria’s entertainment industry. Actually, I conducted an interview with Ayana a while back, over a year ago I think, in behalf of

Attached to the email was the official letter her attorneys sent to the potential Defendant(s) in this case.


In the legal realm, before trial lawyers attack i.e. get ready to go to legal war, they give two options (of which some ask nicely, and many ask rudely) to those they intend to sue to basically quit with the nonsense (recant false stories, apologize, fix the mess and avoid the expense, bad press and drama a lawsuit will necessarily entail) or suffer the consequences of a lawsuit and losing at trial. This is called a “demand letter.”

There is usually a deadline (here 7days is given)  after which if the demands are not complied with, then the complaint is filed in civil court and the legal war ensues.

The demand letter is attached below. Clearly, for confidentiality reasons the firm and probably also given the culture and the need to protect the client, you can see the law firm is holding back in their release.

In the USA, many attorneys also do not make their demand letters readily available to the press, per se. Unless it becomes absolutely necessary, especially in really high profile cases. We have seen a few cases on the USA end where demand letters have been revealed and the back and forth. They include the Charlie Sheen case, the THR, Esq. vs. Journalist drama and so forth and so on.

I like Olubiyi’s style. She just elevated the game in the entertainment industry. No talk, just action. Her message is simple. You are barking up the wrong tree if you think you can drag her name through the mud and get away with it. It ain’t that kind of party. You wanna mess with her, be prepared to lawyer up and set the funds aside because it is gonna be legal drama all the way, the take no prisoners kind.




We are the Solicitors to Ms. Ajibola Ayana Olubiyi, the manager and proprietress of the popular Lagos hang-out spot, Swe Bar & Lounge.

Our attention was recently drawn to a malicious publication on a Nigerian Magazine and Blog site (Names Withheld) which aimed to tarnish the good name, image and reputation Ms. Olubiyi has built over the years. Not only is the publication false, abusive, offensive and defamatory, it is also pertinent to note that at no time was Ms. Olubiyi contacted by the said publishers directly or indirectly to verify the authenticity of the claims made before they went to print- at which time the publishers would have realized the fallacy of the claims. Magazines, Newspapers, professional and non-professional journalists have a solemn duty to authenticate all claims before releasing publications to the general public, and the said publishers acted in gross violation of these sacrosanct principles by publishing a false story.

As a result, Ms. Ajibola Olubiyi has began the process of seeking redress. It is her intention to resolve this issue expeditiously, but she will not hesitate to resort to legal action in order to protect her image and reputation. For your viewing convenience, the letter to the magazine publishers has been duly attached with this release.

Ms. Ajibola Olubiyi is extremely grateful for the outpouring of concern and support as shown to her by her family, friends, business associates and other well-meaning Nigerians who have stood by her during this most difficult of times.


Chike Okafor ESQ.


The PDF copy of the actual letter sent to the potential Defendant(s)  is attached.



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