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AML Industry News: AMAA Honors Efere Ozako, Dr. Sid Proposes, Jason Njoku Welcomes First Child, Vanessa Amadi Weds & Much More!

Happy Thursday folks. We’ve got one more day to go. I have great news for you all next week. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, let’s check out some interesting industry news worth noting, in case you missed it!
1. Peace Anyiam-Osigwe and the AMAA board have announced an award category under the yearly African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) event honoring the late and brilliant legal mind Efere Ozako. I tip my hat off in respect and salute to Peace and her team for thinking to do that.

“We made some changes on the award categories. We have introduced an award that is named after former President Nelson Mandela called Madiba Africa Vision Awards which will be given at the discretion of the Jury to any film captures the essence and vision of the category. The category of Best Film by African Living Abroad has been cancelled.

“We also renamed two categories after two exceptional Africans who have contributed to the growth and development of the film industry. The Best Film in African Language will now be Sembene Ousmane Awards for Best Film in African Language while the Best Short Film Award category will now be called Efere Ozako Award for Best Short Film. AMAA is immortalizing the names of these two great men with the awards . . .” -AMAA

Good look Peace. By the way, can I just say I am loving all the media recognition that Peace is getting these days? Long overdue and well earned.

2. Dr. Sid Proposes to Girlfriend, Simi Osomo, in Venice.
Dr Sid Proposes to Simi Osomo
Congratulations to Dr. Sid who just proposed to his girlfriend Simi Osomo, and shared the news with the world on his social media page. Dr. Sid has been very vocal about the impact his girl has made in his life. Dr. Sid, you need not say much. It has been self evident even for us media/bloggers on the receiving end. Good look, congratulations and I wish you both a happy married life.

3. Jason Njoku (Founder and Executive at IROKO) and Mary Remmy Welcome Baby Boy!
Jason Njoku and Mary Remmy Baby
I read this news shared by Jason, about a week ago, but I was just making my way back to the online world again and trying to settle in. Congratulations Jason. You must feel through the moon to be a daddy! Children are a gift from God. I am happy for you and your wife. I wish you both success and happiness in raising your son.

“At 11.54am, Tuesday 30th July 2013 my awesome wife gave birth to our first child and son; Jason Obinna Njoku. He weighed in at 9.9Lb, big just like his daddy. It is without doubt my most awesome achievement. I never met or had any interaction with my Dad so raising a son is going to be pretty daunting nonetheless. But hey. It will definitely be fun.” – Jason Njoku

By the way folks, Jason has a witty blog worth reading where his personality is in full effect. 🙂 I recommend it for fellow entrepreneurs. Check it out here.

3. Chinedu Echeruo Sells Hopstop to Apple, Inc.
Apple Acquires Chinedu Echeuro's Hopstop
I am very proud of mi amigo Chinedu Echeuro for his accomplishments. It has been ages since I have seen Chinedu but I am thinking that Apple/Hopstop money can perhaps be sent via Western Union to me? Lol! Good look, keep making us proud. Read the news about Apple’s acquisition of Chinedu’s company here. This specific link was sent to me by one of my close Oyinbo friends and I just really felt good that other groups were cheering for us too. Thanks Ben for the link.

4. Publicist to the Star Vanessa Amadi Weds.
Vanessa Amadi Weds
Another delightful news that I needed to get to is the fact that Vanessa Amadi, an AML reader and Publicist to the stars such as D’Banj, Genevieve Nnaji and Estelle, recently tied the knot in the UK. Congratulations Vanessa! I wish you a happy married life and as many children as your heart and that of your hubby desires.

5. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to Acquire The Washington Post Newspaper
Amazon's Jeff Bezos Acquires Washington Post
Let’s round it up with more deal making. I am sure the business minded among us have got wind of the fact that Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is purchasing The Washington Post Newspaper? AML Dealmakers, what do you guys think about this acquisition? Read all about the acquisition here and share your thoughts.

6. Did you know Telemundo, the Spanish channel, is coming to Africa on DSTV?
Telemundo Comes to Africa's DSTV
They are. Read all about it here.

7. DSTV Replaces ESPN with SuperSport TV
DSTV Replaces ESPN with SuperSport
Interesting times we live in. Where are my AML dealmakers? South Africa’s DSTV got notice from ESPN that ESPN would discontinue the airing/broadcasting of its sports programming in Africa, Europe and Asia. Ouch for ESPN but it probably makes sense in this tight economy to trim all excess fat and really tighten the belt, that is what leadership is about. In any event, this all happened in July and by July 31st, 2013, DSTV informed the public that ESPN’s replacement would be SuperSport which is taking over and airing the same programming that DSTV’s customers are accustomed to from ESPN.

On another note, it is interesting how the lines continue to really blur or better yet the gap is really bridged as it becomes no big deal for Africans to be one click away from being tuned to every thing that we are afforded here in the US. Last I was in Nigeria which was quite a while, from fast foods to shopping experiences and spa treatments I could enjoy here, it was easily available for me in Nigeria, albeit it at a more expensive price. I have not been to South Africa, yet, but I reckon the consumption and saturation of US culture and products is even more commonplace.

Folks, that’s it from me. I hope you have a great day.  For those who emailed and checked on me while I was away, thank you. Two AML readers also prepared and sent me a very nice tribute for my birthday, on the heels of me taking my AML break. I should be completely settled in over the weekend and I look forward to sharing it with you all soon.

Go get it, pursue your dreams relentlessly and overtake them, JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN, AML Style. 🙂

Have a great day ahead and catch you all later.


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