AML Industry News | Eminem Is The Highest Selling Rapper Of All Time, 9ice Drops New Video, Femi Kuti Is An Inspiration To Alicia Keys, Kanye West Is the First Rapper on VOGUE USA’s Cover

Eminem is Officialy The ‘Greatest’ Rapper

Marshall Matters popularly known as rapper Eminem is the highest selling rapper of all time. He might not be the richest rapper on Forbe’s list, but he sure is the ‘greatest’ in terms of music sales.

Eminem’s latest album ‘The Marshall Matters LP 2’ sales, put him as the 6th highest selling artist of all time and as the Highest selling rapper of all time. He joins artists like Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Metallica, The Beatles and Brooke’s who hold the Top 5 highest selling artists of all time spots.

This is one of many successes the rapper has achieved in his music career and is one that definitely puts him in the music history books.

9ice is back with a new music video!
9ice Shakashiki

One of Nigeria’s Best artists is back! Abolore Akande aka 9ice is back to the music scene with a music video for his song ‘Shakashiki’ which is a track off his last album, ‘Bashorun Gaa.’ The video which was directed by Akin Alabi is in anticipation of his double album, CNN & GRA which will be released soon.

Femi Kuti Is An Inspiration To Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys FEMI Kuti Inspiration 2

Alicia Keys FEMI Kuti Inspiration
American artist Alicia Keys took to her twitter page on March 19th to tweet her Love for Femi Kuti’s Album ‘No Place For My Dream’. She described the album as being inspirational and used the hashtag #Musicthatfeedsyou.

In an era where music lovers in Nigeria are complaining of lack of ‘real’ music from our artists these days, it is good to see that the older artists are putting our music on the world map in a positive light. Its great to have internationl artists APPRECIATE Nigerian music and not just do a ‘collabo’ with our artist that doesn’t pass the shores of Africa.

Having Alicia Keys tweet about Femi’s Album and not just a single shows how much of an inspiration his music his. Does that mean they will work together soon? Well, I hope so!.

Kanye West ‘Weds’ Kim Kardashian on Vogue Cover
In what can be described as the most shocking VOGUE cover ever, controversial rapper Kanye West and his Fiancee Kim Kardashian have their ‘wedding’ on the cover.

The cover has Kanye west in a black suit holding on to his fiancee who is wearing somewhat of a wedding gown?. The Cover which has drawn a lot of negative reactions from loyal Vogue readers and celebrities, makes Kanye the first rapper to be on the Cover of VOGUE magazine.

VOGUE editor Anna Wintour has defended her choice of the cover stating that Kanye didn’t beg her to have Kim Kardashian on the cover after all the media backlash of her caving in to Kanye’s Demands.

However, in my opinion, the fact that she has to defend the cover seems more like she is trying to convince herself than the public.

-Ojonoka Agudah

Ojonoka Agudah

Ms. Ojonoka Agudah is an attorney licensed to practice law in Nigeria, West Africa, whose practice area focuses on Intellectual Property, Sports and Entertainment Law. A 2012 graduate of the Nigerian Law School, Bwari, Abuja, Agudah is also an Africa Music Law™ intern. Her articles will appear on Mondays and Wednesdays, now until May 2014. Comments and feedback on her articles are encouraged and highly welcomed.

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