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AML Lawsuits in the News: Fraud Claim Against Jim Iyke Dismissed, COSON Files Billion Naira Lawsuits Against Wazobia and Cool FM, Court Stops Renaming of UNILAG


Greetings folks. Top of the day to you. I hope your day was positive, healthy and productive. I have an insatiable appetite for legal news, stories, fiction, drama and anything law related. Of particular interest to me, especially on my law blogs, is who is suing who? I will explain, briefly, why.

However, for the point of this post, I want a short and sweet digest of all of the lawsuits in the news from Nigeria, beyond the ones I discuss in the entertainment industry, in one place for my easy retrieval if and when I am ready to discuss them. Yes, I currently use Google Alerts and Google Reader but that it is not enough.

I seek to discover as much lawsuits that make their way into the news because I am interested in knowing both short term and long term, how the court rulings from these lawsuits and the lawsuits themselves are  impacting and shaping contemporary Nigerian society, if at all? As I have said before, law is not some abstract concept for me. It is an innate passion of mine. To me, law is about dealing with and resolving people’s problems, primarily caused by actions and in-actions people take. How,  as a society, do we prevent or fix the personal and non-personal problems we create? What is the impact on present and future generations?

 ‘AML Lawsuits in the News‘ is a section I am introducing, more so for myself and those  like minded legally inclined minds, who are are just as curious as I am about these questions. If you are one of those, please grab a chair and help yourself to healthy servings of AML Lawsuits in the News:

1.Nigeria: Court Okays AGF’s Takeover of Canadian Child Abuse Case

2. Nigeria: Jim Iyke’s Case of Fraud Thrown Out (Lucky Jim Iyke)

3. Court Stops the Renaming of Unilag (Folks this is a temporary injunction i.e. temporary stop, pending the final resolution of this case)

4. COSON Slams 1Billion Naira Lawsuit Against Wazobia (Copyright Infringement – very interesting case)

5. COSON Sues Cool FM for 1Billion Naira Over Copyright Infringement (Again interesting and I look forward to discussing with you all)

6. Nigeria: Litigant Asks Court to Discontinue Case Against Salami


My fraternity brother T-Ellis (I am a lifetime member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority), gave me this legal painting when I was still in  law school. It was and remains one of the best gifts I have ever received. It really motivated and inspired me through law school, studying for the bar exam and continues to do so with my 11years of practicing law. I have not seen or spoken to him for a long time! But, this picture is perfect for this new feature on AML.

To learn more about T-Ellis and to purchase some of his artwork, click here.

“Equal Justice, African American legal painting, female attorney in courtroom by T. Ellis. Limited Edition Lithograph

Size: 22×28
Edition Size: 950. . .”



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