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Brothers in BamakoHappy Tuesday AML Readers! Time is truly flying, as April is already half-way over; it’s crazy. Here is some music to groove to during the week. Enjoy J

Brothers In Bamako – Habib Koite & Eric Bibb

I was first introduced to the Malian musician and songwriter, Habib Koite, by way of Microsoft Windows. Random, I know. Two tracks off his album “Muso Ko” were included with Microsoft Windows Vista, exposing his music to millions of listeners, including myself. I fell in love instantly with the track “Din Din Wo (Little Child).” Eric Bibb, an American-born acoustic blues singer-songwriter, has been making music since the early 70’s! The two have collaborated on the album, Brothers In Bamako. This is such a unique collaboration but it really isn’t so far left field when you think about it. As Bibb discusses, the genre of Blues music has an undeniable African influence. This collaboration truly sounds quite natural. The video below is the story of Brothers In Bamako as told by Koite and Bibb themselves; it’s very insightful. And I have included a bonus video featuring Koite’s great song, “Din Din Wo (Little Child).”

 Watch Habib & Eric Discuss Their Collaboration, 11 Years in The Making!

Listen to Din Din Wo (Little Child)

(Source: VOAnews)

 “Kokokyinaka” (ALBUM) – OY
OYFor those of you in search of a new sound, you have come to the right place. Meet OY, born Joy Frimprong, Ghanaian-Swiss singer who recently released her sophomore album Kokokyinaka [Koko-chee-nah-kah]. Her music is nothing short of vibrant and colorful. She even includes certain African proverbs in her music, i.e.: “Life is like a market place, you come, you buy small, you greet some people small, and you leave…” You can listen to the album here or purchase it on iTunes.

(Source: This Is Africa)

Kupa VictoryIjo Wa – Kupa Victory ft. Henry Knight

Sometimes, you just need a track that will make you just want to dance. We may be in spring, but summer has definitely been on my mind. Summer playlists are always fun to make, especially because years down the road, you’ll hear that one song that will take you back to all the memories you had. Ijo Wa by Kupa Victory would definitely make the cut on any summer playlist. It’s high energy is infectious and just makes you want to move. Watch the video below:

“Officially signed to Yellow View Records, Kupa Victory indeed is back with more hope for reggae and dancehall fans across Africa and the entire world. Here’s his newest video titled, Ijo Wa, featuring Henry Knight to add a bit of new style spice to the rhythm of reggae. He also hooks up with ace video director Aje Filmz to add more colour and spice up the shots, hot in anticipation of his full album, a package of 10 tracks featuring lots of collabos with different artists.from lovers rock to techno dancehall/hiphop dancehall/R&B dancehall/blues reggae. Listen and enjoy.”

nas-damian-marleyThrowback Track: “Africa Must Wake Up” – Nas & Damien Marley

In the spirit of collaborative works that appear in this post, I decided to feature one of my favorite tracks from the brilliant Distant Relatives album by Nas & Damien Marley. If you haven’t heard this album yet, you really should give it a listen. There are several gems on there! Now, for you artists out there, here is a mini legal take-away in regards to what collaboration can mean for you. Section 201(a) of the Copyright Acts gives us some guidance. If you and another person create a joint work (meaning that it was created jointly by the efforts of you both), then you both have rights to the music. Further, the law says that to have a joint work, you only need an author who INTENDS, at the time of creation, to merge his/her work with someone else’s. So keep this in mind. When a joint work is created, one person can deal non-exclusively with the entire song, subject to the obligation to pay the other person his/her share of the proceeds. However, in practice, always remember that you can iron out an agreement that spells out exactly what everyone can do with the song! Agreements are our friends.

Anyways, listen and enjoy this collaboration: “Africa must wake up, the sleeping sons of Jacob, for what tomorrow may bring, may a better day come/Yesterday we were kings, can you tell me young ones, who are we today?” Love the lyrics.

Africa Must Wake Up- Nas & Damien Marley (ft. K’Naan)


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