AML Music: ‘It’s a RAP,’ by Ghana’s C-Real Produced By Nel Magnum (Audio) @C_realgh

AML beat makers and artists, is this beat tight or what? Shout out to producer Nel Magnum. You nailed it.

Ghana’s C-Real is focused on putting GH on the map. I don’t think he has to try too hard because GH is already on the map. Sarkodie, Kwabena Kwabena, Becca, Raquel, M.anifest, Efya, Obrafour, Ghartey, Edem, D-Black, Sway and so many other Ghanaian artists are just “laying it away” worldwide, GH style, and of course I’m loving it.

I dig C-real’s flow and delivery on this track. I’m not completely sold on the lyrics but the hook is definitely tight. Check on the track.



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Ghana is riddled with musicians and musical acts. But how many truly define their art and offer the listeners more than just baselines and repetitive choruses? This young man is one of the truest and “realest” hiphop artiste that Ghana has to offer.

We’re not talking about his music only. We’re talking about his life. We want to know about where he came from. Why he’s doing an MBA (Marketing) at Ghana’s premier university. Why he chooses to run his own recording studio and creative firm.We want to know why he’s so different!

Since winning Channel O’s Sprite Emcee Africa competition in Ghana and placing second in the whole of Africa amidst controversy, Ghanaian emcee C-Real has spent the time well growing his skills and connecting with his fan base across Africa. This was three years ago but still this rapper has not stopped packing the punches. Ever since his return from South Africa, C-real has managed to steadily weave his way into mainstream Ghanaian music.

Dabbling in hiphop and its surrounding genre’s he’s been able to grow a worthy fanbase and is earning the respect of the streets. But that was then.

C-Real is currently working on various productions including a debut album entitled “The EmC.E.O” at Mixdown Studios. Mixdown Studios also happens to be owned and run by the Em-C himself. ‘I Be The Swag’ was his first single release of the album in the summer of 2011 and also featured a stunning video shortly after (Directed by: Nana Asihene of NKACC)!

Before the album and its singles C-real had a vast line-up of songs featuring artistes such as Liberian hiphop act Scientific, Gemini, J-Town, Bebelino and many more.

The album is said to feature some of the best in Ghanaian musicians including Efya, Chase, D-Cryme, E.L, J-Town as well as Nigerian sensation “E-fine”. The album release date is yet to be announced but it is assured that the release will be sooner than later. The album is going to have at least 4 singles and not less than 5 official videos to support it; so it’s something for the fans to look forward to and enjoy throughout the year.

Prior to all this he released two Mixtapes. The first “Multiples of C” and 2nd “Project Hiphop”. Both mixtapes were quickly embraced by fans. The “Project Hiphop” Mixtape was released with E.L(This is Crazie Chaaleey) and the duo gave fans “Wetin De Happen” off that collaboration mixtape. These two Mixtapes can still be downloaded on for FREE.

Remember the EmC.E.O album will be dropping soon. Make it a point to get yourself a copy for the sake of good music.

The song “I Be the Swag” is about confidence and Skill; not in the traditional flashy sense but rather in a harder, grittier meaning. After putting out his lyrical and battle em-c side on “I Be theSwag” he went on to produce a more mellow and thought-provoking song titled “Mission Possible”.

This song takes the listener on a journey though our society’s expectations, disappointments and hopes and concludes telling the listener the Mission IS Possible.

It’s a truly beautiful piece that features the poetic skills of Yom Nfojoh (Yom_Da_Poet) an acclaimed Ghanaian poet and master wordsmith. C-Real’s lyricism and wordplay however are truly marvelous and it’s hard to deny him the credit due.

Relax, put on your dancing shoes and “Do the Azonto”. Diversity is a great trait of any good artist and C-Real exhibits that without breaking a sweat. His next single being the third was released 11/11/11 and featured the singing talent and production powerhouse; E.L (This is Crazie Chaaleey). Title: “Do The Azonto”.

The title says it all. The track is fun, catchy and still soft enough to not bore you to death with repetition. C-Real tones down his delivery, rhyme scheme and content depth but manages still to sound sophisticated and controlling enough to make you dance! It’s a great track!

C-Real is one of Ghana’s hottest Hiphop artistes; If not the hottest! Meeting him and having the opportunity to interact with an artiste as unique and determined as this only shows signs of promise for the Ghanaian Hiphop Legend in the making.

We were informed there would be another single released soon and honestly we don’t know what to expect. C-real has our minds racing in different directions as he doesn’t hesitate to embrace new styles and challenge his talent beyond its boundaries.

The mean and hardcore battle Em-c is more than just brawn. Cyril-Alex Gockel (C-Real) is a final year student at the University Of Ghana Business School undertaking an MBA in Marketing. The young talent proves himself to be more than just beats and words as he sets a laudable example for other artistes across the globe that “Talent is Never Enough”.

When asked why such an unconventional choice he replied: “There are a lot of things I intend to achieve in my life and music is just a small part of that. I need to be in the best possible position I can be as a Man. Not just as a musician”.

As if this wasn’t enough, between studying for an MBA and making hit tracks C-real manages to run his own recording studio. Mixdown Studios has been referred to many a time as the home of Hiphop and is quickly becoming the go-to place for upcoming artistes as well as established artistes.

The Studio’s walls are stained with autographs from Samini, As3m, Br Kevin, M.anifest, E.L, Efya, J-Town, Chase and all your favorite artistes. Sooner than later, Mixdown studio will be a household name for top-notch productions.

It’s not only been fun getting to know more about Ghana’s Hiphop General but more so enlightening. To embrace talent so well to afford the time and energy to successfully pursue other ventures only tells us that C-real is here for REAL business.

We wish the artiste all the best in the coming years and we hope to hear more great products from himself and Mixdown Studios.

We’ll be buying that EmC.E.O album as soon as it hits the shelves.

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