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Africa LatinaHappy Tuesday AML readers! We hope your week, so far,  is going great. Check out our latest selection of new releases to get you through the week. . .  just in case. 🙂

‘Remote’ by Mbryo
“She hold my remote-o, that’s why she control me, she control me…she hold my remote-o, that’s why she condi-me, she condition me…” A while back, AML gave you the inside scoop on Ruggedman’s first new act, Mbryo, who was signed to Rugged Records back in September 2012. Here he is with a brand new song and video titled, “Remote.” The song details a man who is utterly infatuated with a woman, to the point that he is under her total (remote) control.

Twitter: @mbryosingz

‘Omode’ by Simply Simple

A rising star is before your eyes and he goes by the name Simply Simple. We truly value creativity and innovation here on AML, so this song is music to our ears. ‘Omode’ is an infectious hand-snapping pop tune laced with live piano, horns, and whistling, that will not only leave your heads shaking to the snaps, but will make your feet move with your body. This song is just smooth; enjoy the video!

“Rising Nigerian Pop star and singing sensation AJAYI OLUSUYI known as SIMPLY SIMPLE (signed under BAY PRODUCTIONS) returns with a new SENSATIONAL video of his pop track “OMODE” which was released last year. After releasing the track a lot of suggestions came as to which concept is good for the video and director, @rashdimu did justice to it and location in South Africa. Twitter handles to follow: @simplyofbay @emperoreight.”



‘Adebimpe’ by JPX
This video is the art of storytelling at its best. I can appreciate abstract videos, but I must say that I love when music videos truly match the lyrics and meaning to a song. Because I was so intrigued by the legal melodrama in this video, I wanted to understand the meaning of the song even more. I enlisted the help of a close friend who is fluent in Yoruba to translate some of the lines. She relayed the fact that in a way, this is an African version of “Billie Jean,” in that this girl, Adebimpe, pursues JPX and wants to mess around while she is also having relations with many other men. Adebimpe ends up pregnant and pins it on JPX, and in earnest he relays his side of the story to the court and denies being the father of Adebimpe’s child. Hmmm . . . Family Law court? What a way to be crystal clear about the responsibilities i.e. custody and child support issues that result from just messing around. Artists, be careful.  Watch the video and see the drama unfold!

‘Onye Oma’ by Morachi
Morachi delivers such positive vibes with ‘Onye Oma.’ This is one of those songs that you have to play instantly, when things go in your favor and you are filled to the brim with complete and utter happiness. “It is good to praise the Lord…” Watch the video and enjoy!:

“Morachi drops new video for his single Onye Oma brought to you by II Flame Entertainment and directed by Don Lulu Films.Watch this colorful video and learn some new secrets as to the necessities of praising God. Follow on twitter @morachionline.”

Africa Latina – DJs Boima & Geko
The concept of this mixtape caught my attention immediately because of the conversations that I have had with colleagues and friends about the influence of African music within regions of Latin America and vice versa. I’m grateful for this musical compilation which showcases the vibrant lines that connect the two regions. It’s a great playlist which showcases traditional tunes that are lacking today. You can download it for free below and read more and view a full track-listing here.

“The half Puerto Rican-half Colombian Brookly-based DJ Geko Jones the Sierra Leonean-American DJ Chief Boima, have been following and rearranging the lines that connect Africa and Latin America through their musical explorations. Their latest take on the contemporary African manifestations of Latin music is Africa Latina (for Dutty Artz Mixtape Mondays), a mix that touches on Champeta, Semba, Ndombolo, Morna, House, Kuduro, and neo-Highlife.”

“Boima says he’s noticed that of late, Geko has been incorporating a wider range of contemporary sounds like Nigerian pop, Semba, and African House into his sets, adding a very interesting contemporary trans-continental feel to the party. For Boima, the American influence on African music have always been at the centre of his musical interests, especially styles from Latin America and the Caribbean. Congolese Soukous (Rumba) was the soundtrack of my childhood, and the unique Sierra Leonean blend of Highlife, Calypso, and Soukous played a central role in the formation of my musical identity. Add that to the fact that I’m fluent in Spanish and have always been attracted to the African elements in Latin American music, it’s no surprise that the music from actual Latin African countries like Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea Equatorial and Mozambique has come to figure centrally in my Black-Atlantic musical identity and output. We hope you enjoy the journey.”

(Source: This Is Africa)


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