AML MUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR: Tiwa Savage’s ‘Ife Wa Gbona’ ft. Leo Wonder #5GBOSAS!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I have a BIG SMILE on my face right now. Y’all should see it. You all know I have a killer smile. If you haven’t seen it, I’ll share it one of these days. So, I had one of those crazy days. Lol! Then, I sit to sift through the gazillion emails in my inbox and I see this email titled “Tiwa Savage Drops New Video” from the Iroking team. I think, “okay o.” I click through and I fall in LOVE with it, instantly!

‘Ekuro’ by Davido was my favorite song for 2012 although the video was just there. But, I think Tiwa Savage and Leo Wonder just stole my music heart o. The song has been out for a minute and I even saw images of the photoshoot and just shrugged and kept it moving but now? I am sold! This music video does what a music video is supposed to do. IT SELLS the song and the artists. It also happens to have everything I love in a music video:

1. Culture – You don’t check your Nigerian culture at the door just because you want to penetrate international music markets.
2. Versatility – This is a hit song and a classic that cuts across demographic, Gosh! How beautiful.
3. African fashion – Designer Ituen Bassey introduced us to her idea of color blocking with ankara and Tiwa Savage extends that in this video. I love the cornrows. Sexy!
4. GUITAR!!!! – My favorite musical instrument.
5. Great picture quality – Beautiful work.
6. Compelling story line – From start to finish, you get it. Weddings, clubs, churches, everyone will be playing this till eternity.
7. Great composition – Yes.
8. Beautiful texture – Yes.
9. Strong acting – All characters played their part well. When Leo gets on stage and says, “Tiwa” and begins speaking the Yoruba language, I died. (Lol!) Sexy!
10. Yoruba language – A sexy language I love. If I ever end up with a Naija man, he better learn/ brush up on his Yoruba and speak to me like Leo Wonder. 🙂
11.Freshness – Such a remarkable departure from the cookie cutter, and frankly speaking nonsense out there.

Great job by director Bolaji Kekere-Ekun of 37th State. You nailed it! All that fashion videos. Hmmm . . .  I see you. 🙂  323 Entertainment, Mavin Records, I see you all. Raise the bar, stay consistent and please more creativity like this. Oshe!

ENJOY FOLKS. I know you will fall in love with this one like I did! (For non-Yoruba speakers, “Ife wa gbona” essentially means our love is strong or if it is the direct translation, it means our love is hot.)

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  1. femininepower says:

    Alleluyah! Tiwa you see you can still be sexy, COVERED UP, traditional and natural looking. This is nice.

  2. Kandieman says:

    Fell in love wiv dasong a while ago,jus seen video,have fallen in love all over again!!!respect to Naijaz for stayin true to their culture,and Tiwa is the perfect combination of sexy and beautiful!

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