AML PR Week: ARE YOU READY FOR X.O Senavoe X Point O EP?!! The Interview

I am an X.O Senavoe fan!!!! That is no news to any of you who follow my work. X.O prepares to launch his EP and I am truly excited and anticipating what his body of musical work will contain!! Yay! I hear diversity of sounds, a few tracks for the ladies and something we can all dance to is in the works. Bring it on then Mr. Senavoe. X.O Senavoe from recent tracks released by a few artists of which he features on, has really improved and I look forward to what he has to offer.

Indeed, I remain a staunch believer that X.O Senavoe is one of the most talented lyricists of our generation, even though he is yet to (launch) an album. Big statement but “I’m always on the money like in God we trust.” You like that line? Yes, I had a limited license to use his copyrighted line for you all. 🙂 I just pray he is consistent and paces himself because the world needs to hear all that earthquake causing lyrics he drops.

X.O Senavoe recently granted an interview to regarding his upcoming EP. It is interesting to read. Below is an excerpt to check out as you all prepare for the real deal folks. ARE YOU READY FOR X.O Senavoe X Point O EP?! I AM!!! I AM EXCITED!


The ‘Xtra Ordinary (X.O) Senavoe, who jokingly calls himself ‘NoHairDontCare’, talks about his soon-to-be-released mixtape/EP” Xpoint”, his experiences in music so far and rap as it should be done.

GH Streets: How would you describe X.O. Senavoe to a first time listener?
X.O Senavoe:
Great music, excellent music and not because it is my music but because that’s the intention I have always had going into music.

People have been made to accept that Hip Hop music made from any part of Africa (is) a little below (the) (s)tandard comparing it to western Hip Hop. But I want to make away with all that assumptions with my music and recordings in general.

I want a ‘foreign Hip Hop’ savvy person to hear the music and be comfortable to rate it as high as any of the top Hip Hop artists anywhere.

In the past couple of months, I have represented Nigeria in the BET Hip-hop awards cypher along with rappers like ModeNine, Naeto C, Sauce Kid and M.I for BET. And also represented Ghana in Channel O’s 55th Independence celebration “hip-opera” along with Efya, Wanluv and E.L. It’s been a blessing.

GH Streets: What’s the title of your upcoming project?
X.O Senavoe:
I’m calling it “XpointO” and it’s the introduction. A bit more than a mixtape and will have more songs than a typical EP. So, let’s call it the introduction. (laughs) Singles will be found on itunes and so on. And soon after the project is released, the entire project will be too.

“Say It Again” is the lead single, already out. It will available everywhere, and if it isn’t where you are, you should (tell) them why. Its been (b)lessed with a lot of hard work over the past year or so that I have been in music and its an exciting precursor to the debut album which comes later this year.

GH Streets: What’s the one thing you enjoy as a rapper?
X.O Senavoe:
I think, with rap as a creative outlet, you get to voice out your feelings, emotions and experiences. Several other people have rich experiences and feelings, may write or sing, but may not have the a platform, or a similar medium, to share their gift with the world. I am fortunate to have the outlet and a growing audience.

For every song I make, I think about the audience – both present and potential – and that spurs me on with the amount of effort put into making the music.

The response has been great so far. I was informed that C4 (a freestyle on Fabolous’ “Killin’ Em” instrumental) for example, has over two hundred thousand downloads (200,000) online already! So now I express my ideas on a beat and I know people are listening and relating.

That’s a blessing.

GH Streets: “C4”, “Taxi Music”, “Messi/Messy”, “Say It Again” what influences your lyrics?
X.O Senavoe: Excellence, simply – to be honest. I just want us to make the best music. I try to play with words in ways that some may not have before. But I also think about how it’s delivered. How can the average person relate to what I’m saying or trying to say? Will the uber-rap fan want to hit the rewind button over and over again, and will the casual listener be drawn in by the delivery/rhythmic pattern?

In “Messy Messi”, for example, I said: “Even the deaf niccas be like “X.O we don hear, how you dey scatter boys everywhere, dey don disappear” – but said it in the voice of a local ‘area boy’ I know to really get across what I was saying.

I also want people to identify with what I am saying in their own way, so I try to lay down my lyrics so anyone from, say, the corporate person to the not-so-corporate person can relate equally in their own ways.

I believe in telling your own story as a rapper, that way people feel the authenticity and buy into the concept. I want people to hear my music and no matter their back ground, (f)ind themselves relating to the song.

GH Streets: You signed to a label?
X.O Senavoe:
I haven’t signed yet. In the short while I’ve been around, I’ve learned a bit and am still learning about the ins and outs of being with a label. I will want a record label that I can contribute to, feel like an important part of its growth, will support me and has structure and a platform to put our music out there.

Being a team player is crucial, and I think many are afraid joining labels would stop them from doing what they originally set out to do with their music. We have the #XONATION movement the fans started, and which people are really buying into.

“X.O” stands for ‘Xtra Ordinary and it’s all about doing the best with your God-given talents, no matter what you do. . . .” has the full interview

If this ain’t amazing talent, I don’t what is!

No Time for Jagaga I be my (Mama) pikin. (Ms. Uduak) no yawa (okay I yawa small Lol!), but we got the power! “If I pick it up, I win it!”


You are Now Rocking with X.O Senavoe!

Yes, I am a fan and I wait. . . , patiently.

Have a healthy and productive day ahead folks.


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