AML PR Week: We Plug G.O.O.D Music Public Relations, Take a Cue Artists!

Continuing with AML PR week, often I hear artists complain about how  they can send their songs to blogs and music websites and never see it played. Yet, a known name sends a latest song and blogs immediately publish the songs. They cry about fairness and those that lack the discipline, go online to vent, curse and just put out a tantrum as if that makes a difference. AML emerging artists, there are several reasons for why your music does not immediately get played on your favorite social media and media sites:

1. PR/Media relations: I think I can authoritatively speak on this issue both as a PR/Media consultant and a publisher. The established artists whose songs we are so quick to share  had to put in the work to build credibility, trust and our respect. It is all about relationships and you have to build it slowly, consistently and one day at a time.

2. Presentation: Your presentation, especially as an emerging artist, always has to be “tight, tight, tight!” There is no getting around this. Spell check, put a sentence together and make sense when you speak. Stay in school and know how to say your ABCs, literally. When you start making music, you probably will be your own “everything” until you get signed or form a partnership with fellow artists that can help you ease the financial and operational burden of running an indie label and managing yourself as the artist on the label. Get your presentation tight.

3. Consistency: I have said this before and I will say it again because it bears repeating. Consistency is critical. Half the battle is to show up and stay consistent. I made a plan to become a lawyer. If I quit after my first year of law school, then I would never have become a lawyer. In 2001 I began practicing law. It was certainly not an easy job. If I quit, I would not be here today sharing some of my hard earned experiences with you all. The point is, you gotta stay at it. You want media buzz, beyond following the basic tenets of dealing with the media/blogs that I have laid out in the past, you MUST stay consistent with asking for what you want while you also create what you want i.e. get your fans etc. talking via facebook, twitter etc. Media/bloggers are very busy people. You might not grab our attention today with your release but if you stay consistent like We Plug G.O.O.D music, you will grab our attention.

Indeed, about a year and a half or two, I recall when the founder behind the We Plug G.O.O.D Music brand, on two occasions that I saw, took to twitter to complain about not having his press releases of his clients promoted on blogs. I responded and truthfully was absolutely turned off. Here is someone that had his own blog and website to promote his clients, was yet to forge a relationship with other music blogs and bloggers so there was a clear understanding of what exactly he was doing and to rule out conflict of interests, among other things, yet he expected to just have bloggers cut and paste/rubber stamp his communications (of which he was getting paid and we were not) like that? Like really? In any event, he has since channeled that energy and today I have received nothing short of strong releases from the We Plug G.O.O.D Music team that I pay attention. It has taken time to get to where We Plug G.O.O.D Music is. It was a sustained and consistent relationship building.

AML artists, if, in my media capacity, I look at your release and have to do numerous edits, chances are I will give up and not even listen to your music much less publish it because I have 101 thousand things to do and it is not my job to correct your grammar. When you get it right, then you will mean what We Plug G.O.O.D music brand now means to me and many others in the digital media space: consistency in content, tight  presentation and a well curated list of artists that I know are not over-hyped and I can trust they are indeed good artists with good music.

Take a cue AML artists and plug good music to media/bloggers, consistently.




[audio:|titles=Ehen Ehen Okay Okay]


After débuting at number one on the Afro Pop charts (CD Baby) with her self-titled debut single “The.Folake”, award-winning actress, model and musician THE.FOLAKE! returns with a more sombre and serious brand new single titled “Ehen Ehen Okay Okay”.
Drawing influences from her Spoken Word and Poetry roots, this self-produced single sees The.Folake! speaking candidly about the ills and “wahala” that her Nigerian people are forced to deal with and live through on a daily basis – bribery, corruption, lack of electricity and the recent fuel subsidy removal among other trials and tribulations.
Offered up as a free download to everyone willing to listen, “Ehen Ehen Okay Okay” speaks directly of the times we’re living in now, not only in Nigeria but in several parts of the world.
Growing up in Lagos as the youngest of 19 children, The.Folake! – real name Folake Olowofoyeku – always dreamt of delving into the arts as a musician but her now late parents however insisted on her becoming a lawyer. With the opportunity to move to New York City to study, Folake left Nigeria and while in NYC, focused her artistic endeavours on a BA (Hon) in Theatre and a Diploma in Audio Engineering. With a brief career competing in the NCAA league for her College’s Basketball team, Folake began her career as a versatile actress.
She earned a Best Actress Award for her lead role in When They Could Fly at the prestigious ReelHeART International Film Festival in TorontoCanada and over the years, her acting career has flourished, from numerous stage productions to Film and Television, leading to her role in the Jodi Foster-directed The Beaver. Folake proceeded to make several appearances on theLaw and Order franchise, 30-Rock and White Collar. Her voice has been utilized for voice-over campaigns with The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, The Coca-Cola Company, Money Gramand Emirates Airline and her latest film – a 3D horror/comedy film – titled Hellbenders is due to be released in US Theatres in March 2012.
With a strong foot in the acting world, Folake changed the course of her career to pursue wholeheartedly her passion for Music. Musically inspired by Michael JacksonM.I.ASlash and Fela KutiThe.Folake!  is creating music that induces a party atmosphere and creates a voice to the realities faced day to day in Nigeria. The.Folake! describes her genre as Afro-Rock/Electro-House – fusion of her musical influences, combined with her own natural musical style.

Please direct all media and booking inquiries to >> [email protected]
Artwork: MarsinDigital
Art Direction: Bukola Are
Wardrobe: HVS Accessories & Farai Simoyi

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