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AML Reader: Ask Ms. Uduak: Your Comments & Questions!

Top of the day to you all! Phew! Okay. Let’s get into as many of your comments and questions that I can fit in. Here we go!

Hello (Ms. Uduak). I must say that you have helped me to know more about music- how to promote myself as an up and coming artist with a very attractive package, I’ve been following up all your articles, and they have been very helpful.

Since you are already up to date with most up-coming artiste bruhahah coupled with your busy schedule, I will cut the chase and go straight to the point.

Been writing my biography myself, and every time I check it up ,it either looks unprofessional, shallow, “over bragging’’ . So I decided to send you a copy of it to please help in reviewing it due to your expertise in this area, because it would go a long way in electronic sites promotion.(below is the biography, feel free to criticize it hard, your response would go along way in helping out a self dependent artiste like me)


CeeGee real name’s Bolarin siji born into the family of strict academicians’ Dr & Mrs Bolarin on may 13th hails from kogi state, despite the absence of any musical pedigree, CeeGee got introduced to music through his father who had a great love for Bob Marley, Boys 2 men, Yaani, Jimmy Cliff and a great lover of soul & jazz music.

This early musical exposure to different genres of music to no surprise was passed on to CeeGee who started miming most of the records at a very tender age. With time he got exposed to pop, rock and rap music, which made him a versatile music addict, with Major influence from Naz, Jay-Z, 2pac, B.I.G, Eminem, Laurygn Hill, Boys 2 Men, Bob Marley, Mode9, M.I

CeeGee’s music is majorly inspired by his environment, dreams, imagination, personal experience and life messages. With a cross over sound like no other, his fusion with different genre makes him standout

Ceegee who is a fresh graduate of Human Anatomy from Unilorin, has recorded several collaborations with upcoming acts, with Mixtape’s to his own credit, also won the Nokia rap Ovi contest back in school, performed at good number of shows, dinners and functions .

CeeGee from all outlooks has a very bright potential in taking over the industry, so you all better look out for him.

Thanks in anticipation for your reply.

Bolarin siji


Ans: Spell check. Use active sentences. Visit the websites and Facebook pages of Nigeria’s most successful artists specifically Banky W, M.I, Nneka, Asa etc. See how their bios are written and see if you can emulate that. Also, google and see the press releases of various musicians in the business and then edit, edit, edit. You are off to a good start.
Hi Uduak,

Nice Article on Ice Prince/Gyptian. What will it take to be sold on Spinlet?

Eric Idiahi/Spinlet

Ans: You are beginning to put the numbers on the board Eric. The SXSW move was good . . . expecting more use of your contacts and connections if you will claim #1 position as a new entrant into Africa’s digital distribution space. I think based on the numbers, the technology infrastructure and the reach, operated by Ike Orizu holds that position. . . I’d like to see them do more marketing of their brand and they are beginning to. There is room for new entrants like you. You are in the game, now make your moves and score some numbers then let us (media/journalists/bloggers/artists, fans) call you #1.


Sister, you are freakin AWESOME, your posts make my eyes open WIDE. Wish I could take some classes with you one of these days lol keep up the nice work xox

Anthony M.
New York, New York
(Via Facebook email)

Ans: Thank you Anthony.
Ms Uduak, your intelligence is an absolute rarity, your piece on D’banj, that rascal of an ambassador (and pro-#JonathanGoodluck) wowed and still gladdens me. Thank you for that effort. We should connect on Twitter, ma’m, please send your handle.

– Henry C.
(Via facebook email)

Ans: Thank you Henry. I know and I remain in awe of some really brilliant minds starting with all members of my immediate family and my close friends and a handful of legal colleagues I practice alongside. So, I am not so sure I’d agree with the “rarity” part. Nevertheless, thank you. My twitter handle is @uduaklaw.

Hi uduak,hp u r doin jez fine I quite apprciate u a lot 4 all ur articles concerning d music industry in nigeria n the globe am a huge fan of yours n I’d also like u2 council me on Record Contracts n Artist Rights etc…Thanx alot hp 2hear 4rm u

-S. Daniels
(Via Facebook)

Ans: Thank you Mr. Daniels. Sorry it has taken this long to respond. I do not counsel anyone on legal matters i.e. record contracts and artists rights unless they have hired my legal services in my capacity as an attorney to do so. I do provide this platform to educate my audience on what happens when people ignore the law in how they do music business. I intend to continue to do so. Keep reading.

“Hi Uduak,

Compliments of the season, (a)nd thank you for your wonderful and encouraging article(s) of hope for Nigerian music very well done.

[D]ue to the mission of Kaycee records in Nigeria and the beliefs of the youths on us. We are looking for an agent/promoter in the United States for all our artist(s) starting with MEL D AND SEAFLO who we are kicking off their promotion this April. . .

We are also introducing a more colorful singing competition called the Voice of talent competition (VOT). which is all ready to go this September. Because of the magnitude of the event and the very high expectation from Kaycee Records, we (welcome) individual(s) or compan(ies) willing to partner with us or even sponsor or (invest). For more about Kaycee Records you can Google us or logon to or to rest your mind for our Labels genuineness and dedication to the music . . .

Kind Regards

Kennedy Richard Akubeze
President/Ceo Kaycee records UK/Nig

Ans: Kennedy I am sharing this with the AML audience so folks interested can get at you. But, I wonder, since I receive a lot of these kinds of emails, why the need to get into the USA now? There is more work to be done across Africa, first. Is Kaycee Records and your talents that known in Nigeria much less Africa? Nevertheless, promoters if interested and connected, holla at Kaycee. Please do your due diligence, on both sides of the aisle.
Dear Ms Uduak,

My Name is Mr Versatile. I am an MBA Holder and The Latest DanceHallpro. My Promo Track ‘Suwe’ is already making waves in Alaba and NO.18 on the ReverbNation Chats. My Full album is out and ready. I am looking for a partnership and possible signing. Please Contact me. on 08051255545 or 08063373535.

Kindly follow any of these links to evaluate my song,,,

Could you help me get it on have also attached it.

Mr Versatile

Ans: Congrats on your accomplishments Mr. Versatile. No I cannot help you get it on NJO. Contact NJO at ( and if they like your music, ultimately it will be featured on the site. Don’t limit yourself to NJO. There are many other sites to gain visibility which might make NJO pay attention to your work if it is that good. They include,,,, and the list goes on. is now beginning to cover music, a lot. Send it to Uche Eze and her team.

Good (day) Ms. Uduak,

i just came across yor write up on a site, then i learnt you write for not just o.k .com. Ma, i am workin on my demo/promo cd and am nealy tru wit it,(4 give d abbreviations plz). I then told a friend that i would head to lagos to drop it there with several labels once am tru. But he told me that i should 4get about labels and look for a promoter instead. He said labels wld just use and dump me. But ma, do i need a promoter? Cuz i feel lyk droppin it off and dicussin 1 on 1 with the lebal guys. And in another of your articles which i read, you said labels would give me advance to record an album once signed, but if i ignore them and go straight to a marketer/distributor will he pay me an advance to record an album? Plz ms uduak i would be most grateful if you can get back to me on this, your write ups have already given me hope that i can make a head way in thid path i want to choose.

Thank you and God bless.


Ans: Do you need a promoter? Ultimately. . . but it is quite premature. There are so many layers to your questions and frankly I don’t know where to start as it seems you are really very new to this. I think it might make more sense for you to start small and build. Dropping your music off to several labels might not make sense now. Start with getting members of the public to hear your work first. Since you have access to the internet, log online, create a facebook and twitter fan page, begin building your fan base and go from there. . . Also click on the “music business” tab here on AML and read up on the basics of marketing your music and what labels want to see from artists these days.

I want to register a record label and I don’t (know) how to go about it and how much it will cost me to get registered.

-Steev P. /Nigeria

Ans: Please read this article that answers those questions. Sorry it has taken me this long to answer.
Its a pleasure to be writing you this. I have been working on this new idea of Afro-Junk and I am ready to really push it out till I register it in people’s mind. Im working on a full project, the introduction to afrojunk LP.

I spend most of my time in the creative part of the music and practically know nothing about the music law and the business. We really need to talk so you put me through a lot and beside I would love to work with someone with your experience and knowledge. . .”

~Kanni T

Ans: Thanks Kanni. Thank you for the email. I am unsure what you mean by “so you put me through a lot. . .” Feel free to send a follow up email with better clarity on what exactly you want. It looks like you are on to something solid.


Hello Ma,

I just read through your publication, DAVIDO SIGNS MULTI MILLION NAIRA RECORD DEAL. Its quite revealing and inspiring too.

My question is; is it illegal to remix in Nigeria, a song originally made in the USA? An old school song that is?


Ans: Yes. Although it is industry norm especially where mixtapes are concerned to remix the works of US artists, without permission, and some even go as far as to sell these unauthorized remixes, nevertheless, you do need permission if you will remix the work of another. This is a rather complex topic for a seemingly simple question. You should consult with an entertainment lawyer in Nigeria and also look out for a more in-depth discussion on this on AML.
Good morning ma’am.

I’m Cute Sagay, a musician from Lagos, Nigeria.

I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I’ve learnt a lot {COSON and the rest} but I need to ask you more personal/career questions.

I need your help and tutor on how to go about my career basically the law side of it. Reading and signing a contract. What’s applicable now in this part of the world.

I do hope to get some answers from you soon.

Thank you.

Ans: Thanks for reading. Sorry it took me so long to get to you. You don’t need a tutor. You need a lawyer to handle your legal affairs. Lawyers study extensively and obtain graduate degrees to do what you expect to happen with tutoring. Budget your money and hire an entertainment attorney in Nigeria to help you. You can also contact COSON to refer you to one or the Nigerian Bar Association, the organization that regulates lawyers in Nigeria.


Have a great day folks. Glad I got some of these out.


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