Salut! Leila Lopes, Oluchi Onweagba-Orlandi, Agbani Darego!

I am totally chilling mennnnnnnnnh! Today was a long but very productive day. I am happy! *Collapses on the luxurious red/blue velvet AML sofa. Grabs remote control. Switches on the wide screen AML TV.* So as I was saying, today was a lovely day. So, lovely, all I want to do is just give a shout out to all the long legged beautiful sisters handling their business out there. 🙂

Okay, in basic English, it means I am in the mood for fashion, fashion and more fashion. *Switches channel to AML style. Sits up and takes off heels. Props head on one of the equally luxurious AML pillows.* Life is good. Okay. I digress. How many of you have seen the beautiful pictures of Leila Lopes, 2011 Ms. Universe who is from Angola? Lopes makes the cover of Maxim magazine Portugal and is smoking hot! The fashion editorial is equally beautiful and oh my those legs!

(Lol!) I chuckle often when I think about the fact that growing up in Nigeria, personally for me, my ideal notion of beauty was more like Toolz of 99.9 The Beat FM. I still think Toolz is one drop dead gorgeous sexy mama. Her style sense I adore and those curves? Oh my! However, my lepa shandi (slender) self, growing up, was not too pleased that only the Orobos (plump or “fat” girls as they say in Nigeria) got all the attention. Lol! By the way, what is with Nigerians and the lack of diplomacy sometimes? Lol! Nigerians are so in your face about things. They can look you in the face and say, “Ahn, ahn, you are so fat!?” Lol! I recall speaking with an American (White) lady, months ago. She said an African ( I think she may have been from Nigeria) lady she had not seen for a while came up to her, told her she missed seeing her and proceeded to tell her she was “fat and had put on weight.” Loooooooool! We both laughed because she happens to be a well traveled and exposed woman so she knew where that was coming from. We just laughed at the bluntness that Africans in general have, especially Nigerians. Lol! Where did y’all think I got the cut to the chase thing from? Lol!

Anyway, special shout out to my long legged model colleagues Oluchi Onweagba-Orlandi and Agbani Darego who came and changed the game for all the Lepa Shandis (tall, slender, model like women) out there. Another shout out to Leila Lopes for maintaining the sexy for all us long legged beauties. It is good to see that African men and women now appreciate diverse beauties. Let’s, however, try not to go overboard with it, especially in our music videos. You can be a much larger sized woman so long as you are healthy. Embrace your body shape and stay healthy. (*Switches to another channel. Hmmm . . . what’s really good with all these Nigerians in the music business? Aha! Usher is headed to Nigeria. Raises the volume to listen as a video clip of Usher plays and AML correspondent delivers the nightly news.*)


Photo: Maxim Magazine Portugal via

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