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AML Style: Storm Records’ Sasha P Emulates Janelle Monae’s Tuxedo Style Signature on Cover of Complete Fashion Magazine

I don’t know about you all. But, for me, there is something powerfully sexy about a woman who incorporates masculine elements into her style, yet retains her femininity. It is just too sexy for words! I am enjoying the result of the fashion editorial shoot that features Storm Records’ artist Sasha P, in a nicely tailored Tuxedo, on the cover of Complete Fashion Magazine.

It’s a look we have seen one of America’s dopest singers, Ms. Janelle Monae, own and make her style signature. By the way, Monae recently inked a deal as brand ambassador for Cover Girl. Who would have tonk it? It pays to stay true to who you are and your own uniqueness. Needless to say, Monae is not the originator of the Tuxedo look Sasha P/Complete Fashion Magazine emulate. In the 1960s (in the USA) when we had changing roles in society for women; and pants became an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe, we saw women embrace masculine looks that emphasized empowerment, comfort and functionality over just looking pretty.

By the 1970s, as women joined the labor force, in droves (over 38million women) there were even more embracing unisex styles such as the one we see today with Janelle Monae and Sasha P. Who remembers the 80s? The shoulder pads fashion anybody? The girls wanted to be boys or at least feel just as strong to do whatever they liked without restrictions placed as a result of their gender. Lol! Here we are and this Spring/Summer 2013, across fashion runways, it has been a return to being very pretty, feminine, soft, sexy and girly. It is always interesting to look at history i.e. the political affairs of the world and juxtapose that with how the fashion and music industry responds to these global socio-political happenings.

Fashion meets music and we probably should be talking a lot more about that from a branding perspective on AML. There is an art to the way Americans have taken fashion to elevate and push American music and stars globally. Our music and fashion industries should be focused on mastering that art.

Folks, HAPPY FRIDAY! Have a fantastic weekend ahead and stay blessed.

I’ll leave you all with a throwback of Janelle Monae’s major hit song ‘Many Moons,’ and her sexy Tuxedo, but of course!

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  1. femininepower says:

    but why emulate?..she could still go for the same concept without making a comparison so easy

    1. Jalla,

      Why not emulate? There are instances where it makes sense to. I think this instance does. Although, I think I know where you are going with the over-consumption of Western fashion labels and brands at the detriment of Nigeria’s local fashion industry.

      Nevertheless, a key part of fashion is emulating various style and beauty trends but adding your own unique perspective to the mix.

      I also think the look is refreshing and Complete Magazine has shown they have the fashion competency to create and style original looks. This look embodies, I think, Sasha P’s persona, more appropriately.


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