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Are YOU Ready for Nollywood Legal Drama on AML? + Watch Amaka Igwe’s Speech on Nollywood Paradigm (Video)


AML Nollywood industry readers, you all seem to be strong in numbers. From the phone calls, to emails I receive, I think it’s time to really bring the Nollywood legal drama on AML. I have received more solicitations for legal representation from AML Nollywood industry readers than any other industry group. I have found it intriguing considering 99% of content on AML is music law focused.

Beyond solicitation for representation, I have also received requests to increase or discuss the legal issues common in Nolywood’s film industry. Sleeves rolled. Let’s go. The clip below is not legal drama but it is a great backdrop to understand Nollywood.

I believe I have mentioned it before but for the benefit of those who may not know, I began my journey (in 2001) into Nigeria’s entertainment industry because of my keen interest in film as a means of telling powerful strong legal stories. I watch Bollywood movies and enjoy them a lot. Nollywood movies while interesting, drew my attention because there was and still is a gaping hole in telling real legal stories that affect the everyday man/woman.

When I began, I joined organizations, gave of my time to organize events surrounding the legal issues in the industry but quickly realized I needed to re-strategize my approach.

Prior to, during and onwards, I had always been involved locally in the USA in the creative industries and working with as well as counseling practitioners in mostly fashion and film.

I had and still have a keen interest in writing, producing and directing legal drama/movies specifically for the African continent. The kind of movies I want Africans to experience are ones consistent with my legal experience as a trial lawyer and one that is more in line with movies such as ‘A Time to Kill,’My Cousin Vinny,’ ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ and the list goes on.

Through powerful legal drama told from an African influenced perspective, I believe that the vision I have for the kind of world I want to see little African girls and boys grow up in will at least begin to be realized.

I don’t think I will ever be comfortable with the status quo in Africa’s entertainment industry until I know I made a very strong impact, from a legal standpoint, in the industry.

Anyway, check out the clip below which was at the Netng’s inaugural entertainment conference. . . and get ready for some Nollywood legal drama on AML ahead, take no prisoner’s style. If you love legal drama and Nollywood and you are in the film industry, AML IS the site for you.


Amaka Igwe on Nollywood 2013

“Amaka Igwe studied Education and Religious Studies at the Obafemi Awolowo University and is the C.E.O of Amaka Igwe Studios. She is also the brain behind the BOBTV, (Best of the Best TV) a yearly business and exchange platform for African content makers and content of African origin which holds in Abuja Nigeria. Some of her outstanding works include Violated, Rattlesnake, Checkmate, Fuji’s House of Commotion and A Barber’s Wisdom among many others.”

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