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Artist Edem’s Music Video Director Nana Ashihene Criticized Heavily for Below Standard ‘Over Again’ Video


 AML artists, I have been quite clear that when you hire a music video director, whether directly or via your record label, you should understand that his or her job is to help you, through the video, market and sell your music. Accordingly, you should demand nothing short of excellent work. Similarly, AML Music Video directors, I have emphasized the importance of having a story and conceptually thinking through the story your client wants to tell, before you begin shooting. AML artists, your music videos, if done correctly, helps you gain new fans and also gets existing fans to be even more connected to your work, rewarding you through their purchases.

The drama that has emerged from the Nana Ashihene ‘Over Again’ music video he shot for Ghana’s Edem  underscores my point. To be honest, I felt the same way many of Edem’s fans and the public felt when I saw the video. My reaction was “okay?” and I kept it moving on the “next” button. Edem bears a responsibility here just as much as the music video director. You can’t accept below standard work, publish and market it and not take some flak for it. You gave the final approval. Step up to the plate on that. The duo will re-shoot the video. Read the story and then revisit AML archived article on precisely this point.

“Ghana’s Volta superstar Edem has finally dropped a word on his heavily criticized over again video shot and directed by Nana Ashihene. A cross section of his fans and the entire Ghanaian populace has expressed misgivings about the video with many describing the final work as mediocre and not befitting an artiste of his calibre.

In an exclusive interview on Ghana’s prime time entertainment news and analysis show on eTV hosted by Flexy, Edem admitted not being impressed with the video stating clearly bad lighting, bad costuming and editing as the major setbacks for the video. He stated his dissatisfaction about the video and described it as not befitting the “Edem brand”.

Director of Edem’s over again video, Nana Asihene on the same show entreated Ghanaians not to blame Edem for the video. Describing the video as a bad one and not being on point, he accepted full responsibility for the blunder committed with the video and pointed out clearly that attempts are being made to salvage the video and the image of the artiste.

However, Artiste manager, Bulldog also on Talk Showbiz called for the head of the director of the video, Nana Asihene and suggested a mob attack on Asihene. He also accused Edem for consenting to such a video which could tarnish his image forever.

Ace video director Ezekiel Tetteh popularly known as Stip of Solid Multimedia who was also a guest on show chastised both Edem and Asihene for such a poor work. He felt it was too late for the damage caused to be salvaged. . .” has the full story.

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