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Artist Orezi NOT Arrested in Dubai, Stop the Rumors Pleads Record Label

What is it with this trend of  rumors alleging the  arrests, particularly drug arrests, of Nigerian artists at airports away from home? So not funny and truly tarnishing the image and reputation of our artists and our young music industry. It is already so hard traveling through an airport with a green passport and now that the music industry is making Nigeria look good, this nonsense starts. Can these jokers quit already? If not, can a label actually affected by these rumors invest money for a trial lawyer who can get to the heart of this rubbish and shutdown the perpetrators and websites who spread these false rumors?

Not funny at all, at all. Dro Ameh of Questionmark Magazine reports on the false rumors flying all over the place that Artist Orezi has been arrested on drug charges in Dubai. Orezi was in Dubai for a concert and apparently this has been all over the place since the past four days.

Legal Takeaways:

1. Click the Baba Suwe case to know what your legal rights are, if you are arrested on Nigerian soil for sale/possession of controlled substance.Knock on wood i.e. God forbid that you ever experience such situation. Stay out of trouble people.

2. Click the Don Jazzy alleged drug arrest case to know what your legal rights are and what you should do, if you are ever arrested on American soil for possession of controlled substance or other crimes. Again, God forbid that happens to you. Stay out of trouble. You can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

3. For how to handle crisis management in a situation like this, click Ghana’s Tiffany Hayden Nude photos internet leak here.

4. Finally, as a general rule, get into the habit of checking in at your country’s embassy in the countries you visit, regardless of how temporary your visit is. If anything happens to you, you at least have extra eyes looking out for your interests. Click the Don Jazzy story above for my spill on this point.

“For some days now, rumours have been flying around that young Nigerian singer OREZI who is presently in Dubai attending a function at which he is billed to perform, was caught with drugs and is been held in custody by Dubai law enforcement authorities.

This is however untrue as his record label CULBEED MUSIC and his management in its entirety have come out to debunk the rumours. The organizers of the event he’s attending in Dubai has also given an account of events which confirms the rumours as false.

The CEO Culbeed Music in his words said, “In the past few days, I’ve been bombarded with calls from friends, family and some press people about my artiste Orezi who is presently in Dubai for a performance, about some stories going round on the internet that he was caught with Cocaine @ Dubai airport. We the management of Culbeed Music are not aware of this incident and wish to state categorically that it is not true. After some period of panic, and inability to reach him, we have been able to have discussions with our artiste who is a law abiding citizen of this country. He is the most humble and clean-hearted talented young man that we are sure can never do this to himself or his family. We will find out the source of this horrendous rumour and deal with it accordingly. Thanks and God bless”.

The organizers of the event OREZI went for in the Dubai also had this to say: “This is Gmac the CEO of Syrup Music, the entertainment outfit that invited the young star Orezi to Dubai and we sincerely don’t understand where this rumour about Orezi being held here in Dubai for drug related issues came from. We #TeamSyrup who brought Orezi to Dubai are totally surprised at this news and wish to confirm to you that Orezi is fine and definitely not held for anything illegal here. He was on a ride with a friend going to Sharjah and the driver, his friend was driving rough and broke traffic laws so Dubai (police) held them and Orezi was ordered to get his identification which was not with him at stoppage time, so the cops followed him to his hotel to get it and that was all. None of this happened in the vicinity of the airport as claimed in reports. I guess this is where all this rumour brewed from. We can also confirm to you that Orezi will be back in Nigeria this week. Please we should be careful with the kind of news we spread, Orezi is a great and God fearing artist who will not be involved in such crime. God bless . . .” has the full story.

Thought to self spoken out loud: This Orezi sef, you don’t suppose someone got mad with his hit song “let that booty bounce?”

Talk about the relegation of the Nigerian woman as a sex object. But that one na story for another day as the facts arise. He was not arrested in Dubai. So come off it with the rumors “rumongers.”

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