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Artists & Mental Health: Rapper Freddy E Commits Suicide, Girlfriend Honey Cocaine Blamed for Death #Depression

Freddy EThis is another dark and depressing side of showbiz we never talk about until, of course, it hits the news. Two years ago, we saw Ghanaian artist Gabe Small kill himself after a breakup with his girlfriend. Africans responded with, “how can he kill himself over a woman?”  This year, we see the same kind of facts here in the USA.  The very sad news that young artist Freddy E, a rapper signed with rapper Tyga’s Last Kings label, committed suicide hit us over the weekend. What’s even eerie is that he chronicled his steps via twitter for his fans to witness before pulling the trigger. He also had a picture shared on one of his social media pages  showing him holding the gun to his head. Deep. Sad. Depressing. The alleged factor that aggravated his mental health issue was that his girl friend, also a rapper whose stage name is “Honey cocaine” broke up with him.

You can read the notes and tweets below both from him and his girlfriend. His family has already issued a statement and plans about his burial. What a deeply sad situation.

It’s hard to speak about the personal relationship of people we know nothing about. I don’t think it is fair and it is also places us in a position of judging people when half the time, our lives are not any stellar. Suffice it to say, as an artist, if you are in a toxic place in your life emotionally, mentally, psychologically, you will attract toxic chemistry.  The rule applies to us all, not just artists.  You can end up in a relationship that is chaotic, draining and one that can lead to deadly and sad endings like this.

It is not easy but you got to get your mind right, it is the only way. Hanging and depending on others to get your mind right for you will not work. You have to do all the lifting by yourself and with the help of experienced counselors, and support from family and friends you can do it.  Even if you don’t have support of family and friends, you can still do it. Why? Because the power within you is greater than you can imagine. Look within and  find the will power to fight.

If you are going through mental health issues that bring suicidal thoughts to mind, please talk to someone you trust, and get help. Many have reduced this young man’s death to him killing himself over a woman. The issue is not about Freddy E killing himself over a woman. The issue is that Freddy E was mentally ill to begin with and his clearly unhealthy relationship with his girlfriend only aggravated what seems to be underlying issues of emotional attachment, rejection and abandonment.

What an awfully sad and depressing case. By the way, what kind of name is “Honey Cocaine?”


Freddy E Tweets Before Suicide
Honey Cocaine Responds to Freddy E Fans

Honey Cocaine Responds to Freddy E Fans 2

Honey Cocaine Responds to Freddy E Fans 2

*Warning – All profanities*
– Sad to see our youths take the likes of Honey Cocaine as role models.

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