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Audio Interview: Ex-Wife of AyeDEE aka Mukhtar Alexander Dan’iyan Comes Forward with Damning Allegations of Fraud, “419” and More.

MrAyeDeeI received this audio interview from the folks at Nigerian FM New York who apparently read the AML blog and listen to the Podcast shows. The station conducted this interview with a woman who alleges she is the wife of Alexander Daniyan aka @MrAyeDee is now famously linked with the Google shutdown, albeit temporarily, of the celebrity blog which averages almost $1million annually.

He is a name that appeared to emerge out of nowhere until the key party involved i.e. Linda Ikeji, revealed there was a prior and long standing emotionally intimate relationship between the two.   A relationship that had gone sour.

Notwithstanding such revelations, it had no bearing on the issues of plagiarism and intellectual property infringement from other third parties against Linda Ikeji.

Further, Ikeji’s revelation left many curious about the identity of the person with the twitter handle @Mrayedee, especially as he now appears to be taking on political figures in Nigeria (see his latest outing of Bola Tinubu as an alleged former drug baron, having a false identity and faking academic records). Enter this recent account of his alleged ex-wife who appears to reveal a lot more about this character that has the internet buzzing:

Listen in on the interview and feel free to share your thoughts:

In the interview, the woman alleges the following:

1. She was married to him from 2001-2004, and is now divorced. They have a child (son) together.

2. She claims he does not pay child support. The host ask, if you know his location, job and he does not pay chid support, why didn’t you go after him? She responds that she lives in another state plus he always files 1099s. She also claims he uses other women to hide money under various names so it is hard to go after him.

3. She claims he is a fraud. He lives in a house where he does not pay rent and is a squatter. She claims he is a dangerous man.

4. She claims he spends a lot of time on the internet bringing down people. He allegedly has “psychological issues.”

5. She claims women need to be careful because he uses women for his agenda.

6. She claims he is half Nigeria and half Ukranian.

7. According to her, all of the above information is verifiable information via public records.

8. She denies he is a Middle East expert as his twitter profile indicates.She claims he is “broke and poor and swindles people.”

For situations like these, the question is always, what’s the motive of the person providing the information? (NOTE: From day one, I have said I was suspicious of @Mrayedee. Nevertheless, when people emerge with details, what is common sense to ask is, what is the motive, irrespective of how credible the information may be. Listen in and judge for yourselves the motive.)



“When a certain lady who claims to be AyeDee‘s Ex. wife first spoke to NigerianFM last night, we did not believe her story, since she failed to Identify herself properly. Today, we can say definitively that she is indeed, AyeDee’s ex wife, having sent to us all the necessary documents to prove it. She is coming on air very shortly, please listen to her if you can spare the time.

Since this writer never engages in speculative write up, reading through linda Ikeji’s various accounts of what actually transpired between her and ‘Muktar,’ Linda did not leave me in any doubt that this AyeDee might be her web hands. The man she told Nigerians reported her to Google, happens to be the same dude, she told us, made her.

They lost contact for many years and the dude resurfaced from nowhere to continue a correspondence that bore no semblance of any animosity between the duo. While the dude she told Nigerian lives in New York may have set up the drama wheel of the script he wrote, folks might argue that Linda Ikeji interpreted her role so well that she got everyone into a movie theater to watch a new box office hit titled , “Linda ikeji and AyeDee ScamBags’. Now, the man’s Ex. wife is speaking out.

Who is AyeDEE-mukhtar alexander dan’iyan? You are about to find out. You be the judge.”

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  1. John Thomas says:

    There are two sides to the story and Linda Ikeji is not as innocent as she seems. A reocurring behaviour pattern she has is using men for her personal gain and undoubtedly she was interested in ayedee because of the opportunity to migrate to the United States and as potential husband material.

  2. two sides to the story and Linda Ikeji is not as innocent as she seems. A reocurring behaviour pattern she has is using men for her personal gain and undoubtedly she was interested in ayedee because of the opportunity to migrate to the United States and as potential husband material.

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