Awesomely Bad Music Video: ‘IBEBE’ by DJ Xclusive ft. Olamide’ – I TIRE For Real


I dig this song. How can you not love the fuji infusion? What solid arrangements. The lyrical composition is also solid. Indeed even the “ko ma gbon, ko ma gbon” (shake your booty) part of the lyrics works quite well because the song portrays a story of a serious dancer. You can totally see that part fitting appropriately with Yoruba cultural regalia and festivities.

The video, however, is absolutely dumb.

The video opens up very promising. We see the EME logo. The service man DJ Xclusive, excellent with his personal branding, follows through with even the finest of details like his name inscribed on the back of his service man uniform. He looks good.

I am thinking, “awesome!” Next they introduce us to the homeowners where DJ Xclusive has responded to a service call. He is late. Okay, so far the visuals and story line looks good. The homeowners are parents of a young teenage looking girl who clearly has rather strict parents. The parents are played by two of Nigeria’s known comedians Bovi and Chigurl. Okay. It works so far.

DJ Xclusive then has a part to play in responding to the needs of the really “bored” girl in the home, whose parents are headed out for the night. We know the entire script already. Okay. fine. DJ Xclusive is not persuasive but he is cute. So, we can work with that. What happens next is an epic fail. Olamide is invited into the home for a house party. You see a lot of fellas and ladies going into the home. BUT, instead of a true house party, the final edited video shows what is best described as  a borrowed/rented makeshift studio to shoot girls shaking their booty around and in the faces of Olamide and Xclusive.

It is a stupid execution of a rather straight forward story line. Olamide brings all kinds of strange girls into the home of this girl who is bored and has a shake your booty session with these strangers. You do see DJ Xclusive with the bored girl but surrounded by gazillion more girls. It’s almost like she was preyed on and bullied into letting a grown agbaya who should be able to afford to shoot a video, pretentiously shoot the video in her home. Visually, the women should not be that many in a home owned by a young girl who is bored and just wants to have a good time. These are strangers. It’s not like her own party where she invites friends and they invite their friends and they invite more friends. This is a service man, a stranger, she is meeting for the first time who is clearly much older than her. What is he doing?

Also, it’s a young party but they manage to throw in DJ Freeze on some couch with girls that look like they are his teenage daughters. He just looks all sorts of wrong sitting and letting these kids be all over him. Errr. . . Awkward. “Asin” weird, very. I’m sorry how old is he again? Early 40s.

This video is lame and needless to say is filed in the category of awesomely bad music video.

It actually gets dumped into the AML Awesomely Bad Music video trash can for the final scene where DJ Xclusive and Olamide have the bouncer beating up the parents of the home. Olamide is a Yoruba boy and culturally, lai lai, that ish will never happen no matter how big a star you are in Nigeria or the entire globe sef. The entire village, city and town would descend on that bouncer and you all know how the rest of the story ends.

We could, for a moment, indulge DJ Xclusive and Olamide and live in their fantasy world on that last part of the scene. The problem is, the story line gets lame where it shouldn’t so the fantasy of beating homeowners, Nigerians for that matter in Nigeria, doesn’t work well, at all.

*Sigh.* I tire for real. Lame video.

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