AWESOMELY BAD MUSIC VIDEO: ‘IFEOMA’ Lynxxx, Lynxxx, Lynxxx, WHY You FALL My Hand Nau? Why?


Lynxxx is a music entrepreneur I totally dig in terms of his hustle and very savvy business sense. I saw this recent video his team sent me and thought, “nooooooooooooooooo!” Why you fall my hand (translated to disappoint greatly) Lynxxx? Why?

Dude, are you serious? You actually reviewed and made the executive decision to authorize the release of this kind of music video? Really Lynxxx? Really?
Lynxxx Ifeoma 2
Folks, I find it ironic that in this video, you have a man who projects such class, a love for luxury brands, education and success but when it comes down to it, in the final analysis, he settles for a seemingly cheap trill who he has to meet outside his home in the dark with all of her big booty hanging out. I guess money doesn’t buy love after all, lest we missed the memo. Souls “is” empty. Confusing and disjointed message.

Your wealth and class in Ifeoma can’t even afford you the attention of a woman on par with you, even if y’all wanna play sexy and romantic all day outdoors? Ladies and gents, we gotta move from the kid stuff to grown men and women business, in all aspects of the music packaging and presentation. For the male artist, if you have a video like Lynxxx’s, you have to know that your job is to make the ladies want to be your lead women, make them want to buy your songs, clothes or just hear you speak, It ain’t gonna happen with an Ifeoma woman as lead and the confusing visual story line.

Lynxxx IfeomaFor Lynxxx who has the advantage of looks, height and a commanding on screen presence, it is simply under performing and dropping the bar quite low. We expect more and the best Lynxxx every time we see you promoting, marketing or selling your music to us.

No more words for this mess. I’ll just file it in the AML Awesomely Bad music video category. Nice logo though. Interesting start this 2014 for the Negerian Music Industry. Hmmm . . .

Disagree with me? Then I really want to hear from you. Tell me why?


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  1. Winston Balagare says:

    I'm just catching up with this, but I agree.

    Lynxxx has everything going for him–looks, height (sorry David and Wizkid), and personality. The issue is that he lacks the most important thing–talent.

    His songs, outside of "Fine Lady", have been HORRIBLE. But he gets cockier with each passing month, as if he's the biggest thing in music. He and his BFF, Banky, are very cocky for musicians who put out mediocre music.

    1. I don't know about Lynxxx being cocky. In my book, he can do no wrong except for the occasional misses on the music video. I like artist-entrepreneurs who hustle hard and stay focused. Lynxxx is one of those.

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