Awesomely Bad Video: D’Prince Takes Way Too Much Banana Till he Yo!

Show me an artist who lacks an understanding of his self worth and self confidence as a musician and I will show you D’Prince. Indeed I have always suspected this but his latest visuals and promotional photos to his song ‘Take Banana Till You Go Yo’ confirms my suspicions. In my view, D’Prince has taken way too much banana till he yo’s, musically speaking, that he lacks creativity and shows he is hanging on for dear life when it comes to the music game.He has been in the wings for a while and now that he has the chance to step to the plate, he makes you wonder why he stepped out of the background in the first place.

First, the video, in terms of the representation of women, is atrocious. But, you all already know that. Please click here to see my discussions of the oversexualization of the black/Nigerian woman in Nigerian music videos. Sadly, if this continues, it will be a hindrance, I believe, for Nigerian music to be really exported to the West.Also, I do not expect this to hit local television stations without regulators hitting the “ban” button.

In other awesomely bad video cases I have discussed, the visuals/videos made you focus on the extras or models who when then depicted like whores. In this instance, the attention, to me, is even shifted from the models to the artist who is depicted like a male whore.

D’Prince is a handsome guy with a fit body but this video cheapens his personal brand and makes him look desperate for something. What that something is, I don’t know. The sound recording is actually creative. I do like it. His part, the lyrical composition, and what he has to say is devoid of creativity, inept and lame at best.

Of all of these music video crimes committed in the video, believe it or not, I am not as bothered as I am with the promotional picture.

As one who is in the fashion industry, also, and has looked through thousands of pictures for editorials/features over the years, I have come to appreciate all forms of beauty. I think nudity, artistic nudity, is not a bad thing. So, for me, the issue is not so much that D’Prince is naked but that his presentation is in awful taste. However, that still doesn’t bother me.If D’Prince wants to run naked on the streets, he can knock himself out for all I care.

What really, really, really, gets on my nerves has got to be the placement of the label’s logo “Mavin” on the old school stereo/DJ turntables system where D’Prince hides his “toto.”

Mavin Records is NOT D’PRINCE! IT INVOLVES OTHER ARTISTS WHOSE BRANDS ARE THE OPPOSITE OF D’PRINCE. One such brand is Tiwa Savage. Tiwa Savage, through her entertainment company 323 Entertainment is in a music deal of some sorts that involves some co-branding by 323 and Mavin. Show some respect Mavin Records when you brandish your logo like that!

Tiwa Savage has made it clear she appeals and wants to appeal to her Nigerian women fan base and listen to them. In appealing to them, she has listened to their requests that she edit her style sense to sexy, classy and upscale. Tiwa Savage is also the brand ambassador for Pepsi and is currently killing radio airwaves with her song ‘Ife Wa Gbona ft. Leo Wonder.’

It is crucial a label like Mavin understands how it positions its brand in line with the rest of the artists signed to it. To place that logo where it is, to me, was reckless and disrespectful to the brand image that Tiwa is building catering to women which is distinct from D’Prince. This placement is really, for me, unacceptable.

As to D’Prince, dude seriously, you are willing to be the walking billboard of a confused wanna be adolescent hip-hop artist who refuses to grow up? Gold chain et al. Really? You would sell your self worth and musical identity just for a few moments of parading your crotch to the world? Really? Put some clothes on son! Also, eat some of that banana, the creative kind to extract the potassium elements that may be helpful to your brain.


D’Prince Take Banana Till You Go Yo which means in this context “Basically have oral sex or sex till you are satisfied.” He also calls out names of various women to “take banana” from him till they “yo”. Talk about a reckless message to youths in a country hit with the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Tiwa Savage

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