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Back to the Matter, Pot Head Issues? Wizkid Allegedly Arrested in Kenya for Smoking Weed in a Hotel


Wizkid Pothead2Wizkid is fast becoming a “pothead” and having the accompanying pothead issues that go with it. Also, for African attorneys who have not considered criminal defense work, I am here to tell you that you should. With the growing spotlight on our entertainment industry both on the continent and in the West, our African celebrities who like to do “follow, follow” will definitely be needing criminal defense representation. That is where you come in to help them. Intellectual property work is important but criminal defense is also important, case in point, Wizkid.

1. Last week we saw he was accused of not keeping up with his end of the bargain in an  alleged breach of contract with the artist Saeon. (Civil allegation that never made its way to court). Based on his response, I asked if he was smoking too much weed.

If you missed my discussion on that issue, click here. Also listen to Saeon tell her side of the story below.

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2. This week, Kenyan publications report that he was arrested in the hotel he was staying for smoking marijuana. Now we are in criminal realm and the Kenyan hall of justice. I’ll cover a discussion on artists, travels and arrests in foreign countries when you are performing in our next Ask Ms. Uduak Podcast series, soon. In the meantime, let’s carry on. By the way, artists, don’t forget to send your ‘Ask Ms. Uduak’ questions to (africamusiclaw@gmail.com).

Back to the case at hand. Let’s review excerpts of the report of Wizkid’s arrest.

“Visiting Nigerian singer Wizkid was arrested from his Nairobi Crown Plaza Hotel room on Saturday afternoon and quizzed by police only hours before his flight back to Lagos.

The arrest was in connection with allegations that he was caught smoking illegal substances. The incident happened at around 1pm just as the Caro singer was checking out of his hotel room where he has been staying for a week, since his last week’s concert.

Before police officers cuffed him and drove him to Capital Hill Police Station where he was quizzed, the hotel had already charged him with 50,000 Kenyan Shillings smoking penalty, which he paid through his credit card.

Coming to his rescue was his newly found Kenyan flame Victoria Kimani, who followed him to the police station shortly after he had been arrested. Victoria had been with the singer at the hotel the previous day. Wizkid was due to leave for Lagos at around 3pm and was forced to cancel the flight due to the drama.”

Standard Media has the full story.

Is Victoria Kimani Wizkid’s newly found flame? We all know that ain’t the deal. Kenyan newspapers need to spice things up with Kimani since she is one of their own. What about the allegation against Wizkid? That appears to be probably true. Why?

Well, let’s see the exhibits evidencing that this young man is fast becoming a “pot head,” at least in my view, and creating some serious pot head issues  for himself that he should be concerned about.

Wizkid Pothead 3 Wizkid Pothead 4 Wizkid Pothead

What are your thoughts on Wizkid’s future career? Is this the beginning of the end?

Oya! Back to the matter. Let me know your thoughts.


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  1. This young lad need to be very careful about his music career. In my own view he still need to be under umbrella of label record than him making decision for himself.

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