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What went Wrong? How did Banky W Become the Male Poster Child for “When are you Getting Married?!”


Once upon a time, there lived a young Nigerian-American musician who cut his teeth, worked hard, hustled and broke into Nigeria’s music market. He became successful, owned a record label and along the way earned a reputation as throwing the best parties, and being one of the most eligible bachelors in Africa and the African diaspora.

Somewhere along the line the rhetoric changed. Most of this young man’s friends (if not all) got married. He nevertheless managed to stay single. You would think this was a good thing, considering his alleged reputation for being a “ladies’ man.” Instead, it has been the opposite.

In fact, in the last few years, every press headline when discussing this man seems to be so focused on his ability or lack thereof to be married. Fans attack him on social media, almost every media/public appearance he makes is followed with, “when are you getting married?” It is so bad it almost seems to cloud his current music and non-music projects.

The man I refer to is R&B singer and EME Records executive Banky W. I am curious, for you reading this, what do you think went wrong? How did the attention move from Banky’s music to his inability to get married?

From a branding standpoint, how do you move the attention and conversation back to the music? Banky, it appears, tried to move the conversation back to the music and his creative projects with a make believe music video (see video below); and an upcoming new wedding movie (see picture above) but that didn’t and hasn’t helped so far. Instead, the pressure has increased and some are now outright assaulting him verbally (on and offline) with new theories of why he is yet to be married.

Quoting Igwe 2Pac, can the brother “shine when (he gon) shine?”

AML people, your assignment. View sample exhibits below about Banky W’s inability to find a wife. Then tell me how you would resolve this case if you were Banky’s publicist and he came to you and said, “I really need the focus off me being single and back on the music.”


  1. Banky W Hints on Marriage (, 9months ago)
  2. I still don’t know when I’m getting married – Banky W (, Feb. 2016)
  3. Banky W Reveals Taking A Break For Marriage (Channelstv, March 2016)
  4. Tiwa Savage Why I Can’t Marry Banky W  (Nairaland, April 2016)
  5. Niyola – Fans plead with Banky W to marry singer  (, May 2016)
  6. I’m fine with being single – Banky W (Daily Post, June 2016)
  7. Latest drama in the past few days: Banky W Marriage DramaBanky W Marriage Drama 2Can the brother just “shine when he shines? Really…”

I look forward to reading your suggested strategies.

NOTE: If you are new to the site and unaware of Nigerian/African culture that places SO MUCH PRESSURE on the woman to be married, check out the discussion below. Banky W is experiencing the pressure and shaming culture that is usually associated with women.

Ms. Uduak

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