BEZ, It’s STUPID!!! “I’m Always On the Money Like in God We Trust” – BEZ Prepares to go Global on BET 106 & Park

To borrow a line from X.O Senavoe, one of the artists I really like and believe will make a mark on a global scale if he can streamline and focus his energies, “I’m always on the money like in God we trust.”

I made 13 predictions at the beginning of the year and so far so good, knock on wood, some are coming to fruition.

1. I mentioned EME Record label would gain even more brand recognition here in the West. I now understand the brand’s artist Wizkid was featured in a major trade publication and there are plans underway for an EME USA penetration like no other. I wait, I wait!

2. I mentioned there would be more collaborations with American and Nigerian artists and that Nigerian artists would do whatever it takes to ink deals with their US counterparts to gain even much needed credibility and respect from their fans. Now I understand P-Square has finally inked a deal with Usher on a collaboration.

3. Finally, I made a prediction that two artists you all needed to keep your eyes peeled for was Brymo and Bez, on a global scale. For Bez, here is what I had to say:

“Two names to watch on a global scale in 2012 that I believe will be very big are artists Bez and Brymo. For Bez, I called it in August 2010 on in an article where I compared Bez to (being) Africa’s John Legend. He is slowly but surely getting on the global radar, as anticipated. With even more aggressive marketing and promotions, there is a likelihood he will enjoy the kind of global attention Asa and Nneka have enjoyed, if not more. . . “

I now understand Bez’s Stupid Song’ prepares to debut on 106 & Park here in the USA and also on the international front. First, congratulations to Bez. Second, congratulations to Lilian Blankson, an employee of BET Networks working under the BET International division. Blankson, of Ghanaian heritage, was not too pleased at my criticisms of BET and its lack of visibility of African artists on its US Networks during its Awards show. She let me know.

As much as I admire and respect Blankson’s efforts (Ladybrille was the first to provide an exclusive feature and introduce Blankson and her efforts, in 2010, to the world and the larger African diaspora audience), I certainly did not back down from my position and of course pushed equally harder on insisting African artists should and must be respected; and given the necessarily and good faith efforts and platform to shine here in the USA. I am so glad to see the network listening. I am even prouder to see the amazing efforts and push I know Blankson has invested in getting our artists noticed on the network. No small task.

Read the flyer and support, support, support!

By the way, I will come back to discuss this once time permits. But, what is with Iroking, Iroko TV etc. Am I the only one irritated with their business distribution model and methods specific to Nigerian music and the aggressiveness in trying to monopolize the video music space? I have been watching them for a minute and I am ready to speak on what is nothing short of ridiculousness. Artists and labels, hope you know what you are signing.

Congrats to Bez, congrats to Blankson, thank you BET, 2012 is the year for Africa and Africans. Common people, puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush!


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  1. Kudos to Bez and a pat on the back to you for ur accurate predictions 🙂

    I am with you on the iroking issue, their methods are very annoying and there are many more people that feel this way, they are shooting themselves in the foot, I hope the artist that are signing any kind of deals with them are careful of what they are signing, I would really like to read your write up on that from the legal perspective (and probably the personal one too)

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