Producer Orbeat Accuses Burna Boy of “Acting Bad” by Illegally Releasing New Song Without Consent

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Yesterday a single titled ‘Acting Bad’ by Burna Boy surfaced on the internet. Burna Boy indicated on his twitter profile page that the song was illegally released and made it clear who created the song. Today, the producer lashes out at Burna Boy accusing him of illegally releasing the song. Unless the producer has more information than he shared on social media, his anger seems misplaced. Most of the blogs that published the song said it was leaked. The recording artist Burna boy says it was leaked and they are investigating who leaked it. If the song is illegally released, it is what it is. Why lash out at Burna? Yeah, we know some artists intentionally leak songs too but where is the evidence that Burna leaked this song? Even if there was, how does the rant on social media resolve the dispute?

Check out the tweets and then check out my interview with one of Wizkid’s producers Maleek Berry who explains the realities of the average producer in Nigeria; and the business of music producing in general.

Read from bottom up

Burna’s tweet

Producer’s tweet

Burna’s response

The Maleek Berry Interview with Ms. Uduak on Africa Music Law
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