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Burna Boy has a brand reputation problem and he needs to fix it – Pop star accused of song theft by Ghanaian artists


Nigerian recording artist Burna Boy has a brand reputation problem and he, at this point, really needs to fix it. There is the saying that there is no such thing as “bad press,” so long as everyone is talking about you. That saying holds somewhat true if it doesn’t affect your pocketbook. But, if your pocketbook is affected, then you need to nip the bad press and the issues creating it in the butt, or else expect that in time, you will have a hole drilled in your pocketbook.

How do you know if your pocketbook is affected? Some things to look out for are:

  1. Lawsuits
  2. Allegations of song theft
  3. Arrests/criminal trouble etc.
  4. Canceled shows/concerts
  5. Canceled endorsement deals

AML Artists, the above is just an illustrative list.

Back to our story. Burna Boy is constantly in the news for the wrong reasons and if he has a good team, they ought to be concerned about his brand reputation, at this point, because it is no longer “cute” to keep hearing and reading these troubles that trail him.  Before I get to his latest brand reputation problem, here is a running list of the bad reputation he has earned (I have chosen stories within the past 1-2years, but the list is quite long if you count prior years):

1.Bad and disrespectful attitude towards fellow colleagues

Celebrities Behaving Badly: Burna Boy blasts Chocolate City’s DJ Lambo over minor technical problems during live performance

2. Temper tantrums towards media personalities and fans

F*ck you and your fans – Burnaboy slams Kenyan OAP for not playing his songs on air


3.Alleged breach of contract with promoters

Burna Boy U.S. concert legal drama: There is NO New York Supreme Court injunction against artist (AML Exclusive)

4.Alleged song and graphic design theft i.e. Copyright Infringement

Singer’s ‘Soke’ producer calls him out for money owed

Twitter Drama – Burna Boy gets dragged on Twitter – Read His Response (See tweets)

Video: Nigerian graphic designers call out Burna Boy & Aristokrat Records for alleged copyright theft

5. Alleged criminal troubles

NET Exclusive: Burna Boy banned from UK, to leave record label soon

Burna Boy is a rapist – Baby mama reveals 

The latest story? Burna Boy allegedly uses the works of a Ghanaian artist DJ Visions which featured another artist A.I without permission and with the belief that crediting the DJ was enough. The artist, clearly bothered by his action, took to Twitter to rant. In response, Burna Boy blocked the DJ.

We need not address whether all of the allegations, so far, against Burna Boy are true. There is a forum for that, a court of law by the alleged injured parties. What I do address, however, is the fact that this particular artist has a reputation management problem and keeps getting attention for the wrong reasons. I also believe the bad reputation is one, in the nearest future, that will make it very difficult for most people to want to work with him. If potential partners and investors read that they have to be concerned about not getting paid, or having to sue you to get paid, or that they have to be on the edge if they hire your services because they don’t know if you can or will get along with fans or their customers, that is a problem.

Burna Boy’s team needs to get help for this artist in three key areas: a) Health – they need to ensure he is mentally intact. This is because Burna is notorious for and actively displays his love for and use of marijuana. But, the question is, how is his use affecting his mental health? Not everyone reacts the same way. There have been several studies that show a link between marijuana use and psychiatric disorders based on the amount of drug used, the age at first use, and genetic vulnerability, among other things. Also, is that the only substance he uses? When you combine his prior and present use of marijuana with the realities of his artistry, his sleeping patterns that tend to be affected with the rigors of his artistry (touring), his volatile actions and outbursts, it would seem to me his team should, at a minimum, scrutinize him closely and ensure he gets a mental health check up;  b) Reputation management – they need a good publicity team to help change the narrative; and c) Legal – they need a good legal team within and outside Nigeria for his music business dealings.

The current status quo is a problem and I believe will worsen in the nearest future if there is no intervention in the key areas I identified above.


Burna Boy’s recent drama with the Ghanaian artists



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