Burna Boy U.S. Lawsuit: Vibesland Entertainment shoots itself in the foot with release of Azubuike “leaked” tape

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I have no clue why Vibesland Entertainment released this tape as a “leaked” tape to the media. It is the same way I have no clue why they released a press statement two weeks ago claiming Burna Boy had an injunction when he didn’t.

Why would this Plaintiff release a tape that does not help in any shape or form to the media? This makes no sense and I don’t get it. Also, from an attorney standpoint, this is the kind of client that is a problem. If you have a client that continues to release inaccurate or negative information to the press that undermines the client’s case, then that client is a problem.

I don’t get it. If there is a “leak” of this nature, it should come from Burna Boy’s team, not Vibesland. In any event, Burna Boy’s team now have a potential witness for the defense, Azubuike.

Good luck to Niyi Fatogun and his company.

-Ms. Uduak

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