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Burna Boy U.S. Lawsuit: Vibesland Entertainment shoots itself in the foot with release of Azubuike “leaked” tape

I have no clue why Vibesland Entertainment released this tape as a “leaked” tape to the media. It is the same way I have no clue why they released a press statement two weeks ago claiming Burna Boy had an injunction when he didn’t.

Why would this Plaintiff release a tape that does not help in any shape or form to the media? This makes no sense and I don’t get it. Also, from an attorney standpoint, this is the kind of client that is a problem. If you have a client that continues to release inaccurate or negative information to the press that undermines the client’s case, then that client is a problem.

I don’t get it. If there is a “leak” of this nature, it should come from Burna Boy’s team, not Vibesland. In any event, Burna Boy’s team now have a potential witness for the defense, Azubuike.

Good luck to Niyi Fatogun and his company.

-Ms. Uduak

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  1. Niyi Fatogun says:

    African Music Law, Your post on this topic is pure nonsense. Did you reach out to my team to confirm exactly what happened? There are 2 sides to every story. You heard one side of the story your blog ran with the useless information you heard from one side. It shows that Your media platform is biased and incompetence media outlet. Kindly stay focus on your law company. The audio tape was recorded by Azubuike over our phone conversation without my consent, the conversation was between myself, BIG A and the Undercover Police Azubuike. How on earth would I leak a tape that was recorded by Azubuike aka FBI Undercover Police Azubuike. Get your facts right next time before you post nonsensical Press.

    1. Dear Niyi,

      In May of 2017, you and your representative(s) solicited AML with a press statement skewed in your favor along with court pleadings AML never asked for.

      Nevertheless, I on behalf of AML, followed up with questions that you and Vibesland were cc’ed on.

      I gave my opinion on the matter and disagreed with your handling of the matter, especially with the release of the “leaked” tape discussed here.

      I am unsure why you have waited three years later to comment here? And while I value Burna Boy and his contribution to the culture, he would say I am no fan of his. Use the search box to see my discussions on pop culture and law news involving Burna.

      ~Ms. Uduak

  2. Niyi Fatogun says:

    How can you take a biased fake news media outlet seriously? How can I take you seriously? it’s obvious you writing as Fan of Burna Boy. How can I take you serious when you only post for clout chasing. Your headline about the topic shows your incompetence. You are not a real media company. However, Thanks for posting my company name on your platform. I didn’t pay you a dime for the free promotion. As for the FBI Undercover Police Azubuike CEO of Spotlite Entertainment that paid you to post this nonsensical press. I wish y’all all the best of luck. Follow Vibesland on all social media platforms and keep up with us.

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