Can the Married 2Face Just Get it Together with the Baby Mamas, ‘Woman Kissing’ and Wifey Dramas?

2Face Caught Kissing Another WomanArtists make their living off their creative talents. Therefore, it is important to protect their brands to avoid situations that undermine their ability to make such a living. One such situation is a consistent and bad personal brand reputation of drama and issues with baby mamas and wifey.

In a society like Nigeria where getting and staying married and marriage is like this big religion, it is not a good idea as a married artist to be caught in the middle of controversies regarding your marriage and previous baby mamas.

Nevertheless, that is the case we have here in the alleged Artist Branding matter of 2Face v. Annie Idibia and Pero Adeniyi.

2FacePero AdeniyiFor new visitors to the blog, 2Face is said to be one of Africa’s legendary musicians of our time. If you have ever heard of the classic song’ African Queen,’ you have heard of 2Face.

Nevertheless, it appears he has a serious addiction, for lack of a better word, to women and  has a hard time controlling that personal aspect of his life.

In fact, he is the father of seven children by three different women. And while he got another woman pregnant with his sixth child, he proposed to his current wife who surprisingly said ‘Yes.’ 

No judgment here. Just facts. In any event, post marriage, 2Face told us he was a changed man and when a woman/banker allegedly claimed he got her pregnant and a newspaper published the story, 2Face threatened to sue unless the story was retracted and an apology issued. The newspaper who published the alleged defamation issued the apology and retracted the story.

Everything looks fine people, not so?

So, why are we dealing with 2Face, yet again, in 2015 with baby mama and wifey fiasco? A few days ago, this picture showing him wearing his wedding ring, yet being very playful with and kissing another woman emerges. The picture was allegedly taken a few days ago and has gone viral. It has also stirred up a lot of controversy for his personal and professional brand.

It is now alleged that the woman he is kissing is one of the mothers of his seven children. She is allegedly Pero Adeniyi and has three of 2Face’s seven children.

Question: Can 2Face actually take control of his personal brand narrative so it stops spilling into the professional or is that too much to ask?

Seriously, as an artist, who needs to deal with stories like these when you are just trying to make music and focus on your family? 2Face abeg ehn, take better and stronger control of your personal brand narrative. Among all these women, you remain the common denominator. LEAD.


Photos & story on Stella Dimoko Korkus blog.

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  1. Winston Balagare says:

    How can any woman trust a man who admits to having "two faces"? They chose to lie down with him; it's too late to cry about it now.

    As for his brand, there's no threat there. As we know, Nigerians, once they love a celebrity, will never turn against that person. You can present them with all the evidence in the world that the person is bad, and they''ll still worship them. His brand only gets stronger with every bad behaviour.

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