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Celebrities Behaving Badly | EME’s Skales Allegedly Reveals Nude Photos of Ex-Girlfriend on Instagram After Bitter Split


Did you know that in California, USA, leaking nude photos of your ex is a misdemeanor crime punishable by six months to one year in jail and/or a fine? This is a recent law that has just been passed this year and is called the “Revenge Porn’ law for short. You can get caught up with the new law, SB 255, here. You can also see a case out of Florida that illustrates how emotionally distressing and life altering such an act can be.

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Did you also know that in most states in the USA and also Nigeria’s Tort Law, when you share photos or recordings of you and someone else, where the person gave you consent to take such photos or recordings for private use only, you can be held liable for the invasion of the person’s privacy? In California, the invasion of privacy, depending on the facts, can also subject you to criminal liability.

What are  the facts that we are working with here? Skales is an R &B artist signed with Nigeria’s E.M.E. Records. E.M.E also appears to have a New York presence, at least administratively.

Skales has an ex-girlfriend who recently ended their relationship. She is based in the DMV area i.e. DC/Maryland/Virginia. She is from Namibia/Namibian-American.

Based on the revealing tweets shared by Skales’ ex-girlfriend, Skales just engaged in the most despicable conduct by allegedly tweeting the nude photos of his ex just because it did not work out between the two.

Two days ago, I saw brouhaha tweets between Skales, his ex-girlfriend and her friends. He essentially referred to her as a Namibian h*e and of course her friends did not take kindly to that, they attacked him. Last night, Skales thinking he has a point to prove, sent the alleged inbox (instagram messages) below to his ex threatening to expose her nude photos. He further allegedly created a fake account and followed through with (sharing) her nude photos. He then had a change of heart and sent her further (messages) apologizing about it. Needless to say, everything went viral and here we are.

First, artist, you have to take care of the mind as much as you take care of the vocals and physical appearance. Mind cure is very important. Did you all know that it is said that majority of illnesses we experience stems from the mind? Sometimes, the physical illness you feel is nothing more than a messed up mind. It is important to get your mind right, however difficult and almost impossible it may seem. Skales clearly has his mind in a twisted mess right now and in so doing, even though he is young, has in my view:

1. Forever tainted himself as an emotionally weak man. What guy in his right mind does something like this to an ex? Really. Who does this? Why?

2. What woman will want to date you, especially given you are a rising celebrity, if it is known that you can take such criminal and despicable acts like this towards your ex? Your girlfriend can’t be free to be nude with you because now she has to fear that if she breaks up with you, you will have her nude photos on twitter? Really? Aren’t you the one that should make her feel the safest in the world, even if it turns out she is no longer with you?

3. For your personal branding, your fan base is predominantly women, at least for now. Do you really think any young woman will feel good hearing your songs and lyrics knowing that you can engage in extreme acts like this when you don’t have it your way in the love department?

4. I am wondering where Banky W and Segun Demuren and other E.M.E. executives are. I always wonder why these characters do not wait till their label mates get their shine on. Didn’t Niyola just drop her new music video ‘Toh Bad’ within the last forty eight (48) hours?

Record label owners, it is not enough to sign talents. Those talents represent your money. If they are mentally and emotionally off, to the point where they engage in such actions like Skales, it not only affects them but affects you and ultimately your bottom line. While you should not be expected to baby sit grown folks, you need to be tuned into, especially if they are young people, the type of talents you are dealing with. Mentor this young men and women and teach them the importance of knowing how to regulate their emotions a bit better.

This is all sorts of wrongs and highly disappointing. Brouhaha in relationships is nothing new. Women get emotional, men get emotional, words are said, sometimes terrible words, people break up, some move on immediately, others take a little while before they move on. Either way, no one expects and should expect that the private communications, photos, recordings and more they shared in moments of complete vulnerability to their special someone is leaked to the public; even if the relationship does not work out. It is a willful invasion of one’s privacy and says a lot about the person leaking these communications, beyond the civil and criminal liability that could attach.

Also, folks, anything you do or say on twitter or other social media platforms can be used against you in a court of law. In the ALUU 4 trial proceeding, the video of the crime committed against the 4 was admitted as evidence into a Nigerian court.

In the USA, prosecutors and civil litigators are subpoenaing records of social media activities to prove guilt and/or liability. So, it isn’t just a branding/public relations issue when you act a fool on twitter. Your acts on social media platforms also carry civil and criminal implications, depending on what it is you do.

If the mess happened in California, we will be talking criminal arrest and prosecution of Skales right now. The evidence is on twitter, Twitter, a California company, can easily be subpoenaed to produce the tweets, even though Skales deleted the tweets.

I do not know what DMV laws are. But if there are similar laws on the book like California, then visiting the DMV area may, both from a criminal and civil standpoint, subject Skales to liability  if this young woman decides to move forward with pressing charges or filing a civil lawsuit against him.

It indeed has to be the most emotionally very distressing experience for any young woman or man to have his/her nude photos he/she took with an ex revealed to the world just because he/she ended a relationship with that ex.

I mentioned in a prior post that I was tired of the foolishness coming out of our entertainment industry, especially from those who should know better. This is yet another exhibit of such continued foolishness. May God help us all.


Photo: Skales with Ex-girlfriend

Skales Leaks Nude Photos of Ex-Girlfriend
Skales Leaks Photos of Ex-Girlfriend 3
Skales Leaks Photos of Ex-Girlfriend 3
Skales Leaks Photos of Ex-Girlfriend 4

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  1. A-Maz says:

    Sad. Where has the Skales I knew gone to?

  2. green eye bandit says:

    Uduak you are right !!! This is part of the foolishness coming out from the industry. Skales should sit down somewhere and work on his career instead of fooling around. This is bad press but i guess they feel bad press is better than no press at all. Now if 80 percent of your fans are females now why would pull such a dumb stunt like that, he just shot himself of the foot. Things like this can get one shot if he was in the states. i guess our so called celebs got a long way to go ….

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