Celebrities Behaving Badly

Celebrities Behaving Badly: “Has Been” Fights – Rita Dominic v. 360Nobs.com’s Noble Igwe?

This story is odd and unexpected.

Linda Ikeji reported, exclusively, that several Nigerian celebrities had been dropped as globacom’s brand ambassadors. Other blogs, including 360nobs.com, shared the story. The publisher of 360nobs is Noble Igwe whose close friend is Rita Dominic, one of the celebrities who was dropped by Globacom.

Noble’s staff writer shared the story and prefaced the headline with a “Has Been”. The story was automatically syndicated on Igwe’s twitter timeline. Dominic, in response, allegedly targets Igwe on twitter and attacks his achievements/credentials.

See images below from Linda Ikeji.

Rita Dominic Dropped as Globalcom AmbassadorRita Dominic Dropped as Globalcom Ambassador 2


1. Which celebrity is behaving badly? Was Noble Igwe wrong with his publishing?

2. Should publishers have such close friendships with celebrities that celebrities feel they are entitled to regulate what publishers say on their blogs/newspapers/magazines?

3. If they are that close and she was that offended, shouldn’t she have handled this issue behind close doors, instead of giving the media and blogs a “eat your heart out” at her expense and that of her friend?

Is there some aspect to this story that we are missing?

Have a great day folks. Getting settled in and warmed up.


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  1. Ena Ofugara · Top Commenter · Works at 2bam ENA-tainment
    How does being dropped by Globacom make someone a “has been”? I don’t get it. Did the contract not run its course? So the endorsement contracts not continued on clubs like United and Chelsea make the product or club a “has been”? IDIOCY. Rita Dominic’s retort was straight to the scrotum…I LOVE IT.


    In response to your comment above, I see things differently. I have been a subscriber to 360nobs.com for many years now and know the site over-whelmingly reports only great stories about Rita. This news story was not specifically targeted at her and while “Has been” may arguably have been an unnecessary modifier to the headline, there was no need to personally attack Noble, the way she did, assuming he is indeed her “friend.”

    She could have easily checked with him, privately, and I am pretty convinced he would have seen to it that “Has Been” was eliminated, considering it had no relevance or significance to the main headline. She made it an issue publicly, although there were other celebrities listed, and most importantly, showed she does NOT respect her friend with her attack on her friend’s accomplishments in the public eye. To me, her actions were reactionary and quite hurtful towards a friend and publication that has consistently promoted her and her works for years now.

    I generally like Rita Dominic, her disposition, style sense and she, to me, is cool. However, this was not cool. But, we are allowed days where we are off. Hopefully she is humble enough to apologize and save the relationship.

    My 50 kobo for all it’s worth. 🙂

  2. anonymous says:

    Apparently they have made up. I honestly feel noble tweeted that because he runs his personal twitter account himself while his staff run the 360nobs account. so no way was his staff tweetin through his account. maybe rita's come back was harsh, the point still remains that its the bitter truth! if they are really close friends as they say i want to believe his staff are aware of that and would have been cautious with that particular news and run it by him first before publishing.
    I strongly believe he was aware before it was published AND he tweeted that himself. he's only using the "my staff tweeted that" excuse just to stay relevant with Rita and other celebs. Rita on the other hand said what she TRULY feels about noble and his antics.

    My 100 pounds for all its worth. 🙂 lol
    i respect you a lot Uduak by the way! (anonymous female)

    1. 🙂 I don't think Noble did. Most bloggers, myself included, have simple widgets/plugins that automatically syndicates our content and that of our writers to our social media pages.

      Anyway, hopefully they sort their issues out.


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