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Celebrities Behaving Badly: “Idad!” K-SOLO & Battered Pregnant Wife Give New Meaning to “MADNESS!”

*Sigh.* “Idad!” is a word I know Eket people, in the Akwa-Ibom area where my family hails from in Nigeria, use to describe people who have gone completely mad. If these two are not mad, I don’t know what else to say.

Quick history

Nigerian artist K-Solo beats the living day lights out of his wife, on a regular.

After one too many beatings, she makes a statement to bloggers/media. The story spreads like wildfire. I of course discussed the legal implications of such abuse/domestic violence issues here on AML.

Wifey is apparently pregnant and now very heavy. Two months later, the two emerge saying, “we were just joking!” Clearly not funny. They even go as far as to sit in front of a camera, open their mouths and actually voice statements to convince the rest of the world that it was a planned joke that will debut in movie theaters shortly, only in Nigeria. Ain’t dat sumthin’?

In my view, this action shows the following:

1. The police and prosecutor’s office ought to investigate into the alleged fraudulent representation of abuse to see whether indeed abuse exists, or it is a scheme to steal “sympathy” money from the public. They say they were joking abi?

2. K-Solo is even less of a man than I thought with a really depraved mind. To beat your wife blue, her pictures corroborate (your beatings)  and the best you can do is have her show her face to the world and lie? Wow! What a wimp!

2. K-Solo needs help. Either way you look at it, he is admitting HE hit her. His rationale is that it is “a joke.” It does not change that he hit her and there are somethings that are and should not be considered a “joke.” Clearly, this is one such example and that he does not her the mental capacity to know this, assuming you buy into the lie, is mind blowing. I wonder if he would think it a “joke” if one of his music mates came to his house and beat the living daylights out of him.

3. Wifey needs help. She is pregnant, there is pressure from the in-laws including K-Solo’s mother, probably threats from K-Solo and family, and she seems to be the walking the definition of a battered wife.

4. These two have shown a high and reckless disregard for the many women in Nigeria abused daily.I am speechless.

5. I doubt K-Solo truly expects to salvage his “career.” Certainly, women’s rights groups should have a serious problem with event organizers and company brands who have this man’s name affiliated with anything they do.

What a mess and a shame. A major embarrassment to Nigeria’s music community and a very bad attempted fraud on its Nollywood film industry.

God help us.


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