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Celebrities Behaving Badly: Olisa Adibua Calls Etcerera a Failed Artist, a NOBODY & an Idiot.


All this much ado about nothing with Etcetera, an artist turn writer who seems to take the system on and clearly anger many. Etcetera recently wrote an article focused on On Air Media Personalities (OAP) in Nigeria. To many, he made sense. Freeze an OAP came out swinging but really in my view, was not worth even sharing what he said. Now, Olisa Adibua has joined the band wagon. If anyone should call anyone names,  I don’t think it should be Olisa Adibua.

Olisa Adibua tried a business venture with his cousin Obi Asika,which ended up with accusations  and a nasty ousting of him from STORM Records. There were issues over alleged misappropriation of company funds, among other things. Read the story here.

As if that was not enough, the same man battered an employee at the work place and GOT AWAY with it because he found the employee sleeping on the job. See that story here.

What then gives Adibua the right to call anyone a “failed” artist? A “nobody” or an “idiot?” Can someone please tell this man to have several seats?

Anytime this guy’s name hit the mainstream, I never like to hear what he has to say. He also looks quite drunk. Overall, very bad look and words. Shame it comes from a so called respected industry head.


“Etcetera is a nobody. He’s a failed artist. I can not comment on anybody who is a nobody. I hate the fact that Nigerians pick on people who are nothing.

He’s a nobody so no one should take him seriously. What has he done? Who is he? Etcetera, shut up! If you want to get recognition, bring out a song. I’m not against any idiots who don’t have any talents. If you want to make a statement, make a statement with a record. If you want to say something, say it in a creative manner, in a constructive manner.”


Radio is in a period where only the ‘blings’ and ‘blingers’ are getting all the attention.

This must be the worst time to listen to radio in Nigeria. Consider some of the on-air-personalities, all they do is talk about what their favourite celebrities are wearing.

How easily manipulated and distracted can they be? A fake accent has never been more glorified than today.

With on-air-personalities chasing celebrity status themselves, radio listeners are never going to get any unbiased assessment of issues. The few independent thinkers amongst them who provide this unbiased assessment are being mocked and called boring people. How do you listen to an OAP on radio who only talks about cars, money and women for hours?

It is becoming a consensus on the streets that naija radio stations are becoming more boring with each passing day.

And I find it really sickening hearing the cry from radio station owners about how more and more people are turning to Alaba mix and blogs for their music these days. Even the local tea sellers on the street prefer their MP3 compilation of songs than listening to any FM station. Most songs played on the radio today do not excite listeners.

No one turns on the radio anymore hoping to hear great songs he heard some days before.

People love moods, melodies and lyrics that mean something and you can’t get those on radio anymore.

Nigerian on-air-personalities have become so lazy for their own good. They don’t go in search of new sound anymore.

All they do now is sit and wait for songs to be brought to them, subjecting their listeners to the same old songs played over and over.

Yes we know that the radio industry is run by corporate sponsors who play it safe so as not to offend the listeners. However, what they have ended up doing is offending tasteful listeners.

Most artistes on the radio have better songs on their album but radio stations decide what is “radio friendly” and keep serving the same song over and over because it works for them.

Few days ago, while returning to the mainland with a friend, we heard one of the new naija dance songs playing on the radio.

My friend turned and said to me, “The music just keeps getting worse and worse, doesn’t it?”

I totally agreed. I understand enough about music to know that if a song receives a lot of spins on the radio, it becomes boring. . .” – Punch Newspaper has the full story.

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