Celebrities Behaving Badly

Celebrities Behaving Badly: Pictures Say Otherwise But K-Solo Responds, Denies Allegations of Theft, Felonius Battery and Assault Against Wife

K-Solo allegedly responds to the accusations levied against him by his wife. Below is what he allegedly has to say about her version of the facts:

“Over the past three days, I have been inundated with phone calls, text messages and emails from fans, friends, family members and well wishers from all over Nigeria and abroad over allegations of wife battery, assault and thievery by my wife, Mrs. Kikelomo Oyeniyi, as contained in an interview she granted City People Magazine.

I make bold to say that as much as no union is without its own trials and tribulations, I have never laid hands on my wife and will never because have got sisters and a mother. I am a hardworking young man that has been in the music industry for over a decade and do not need any woman’s wealth to live. This is our own trying time and we would surmount it one way or the other.

Mistakes have been made and they would be redressed, God willing. Let no man be the judge of another man’s deeds or misdeeds, let God and law take their courses. I hereby implore everybody to please appreciate and understand that this is a very difficult moment for me and my immediate family and would not wish to comment on this issue any further. God help us all.” – Statement via Alabama Uncut Classic Blogspot

AML Artists, in this world we live in, anything can happen. K-Solo’s version of the facts could very well be true . . . Persons you bring into your lives, depending on their mental state of mind, can fabricate stories that never existed to hurt and ruin your reputation in the public eye.

There are several steps to take where serious allegations are made that are simply not true. You could consult with a Publicist and release a statement, through your Publicist, to the press denying those allegations.

Further, you could and should consult with your lawyer where allegations of criminal violations or tortious acts are levied against you. The allegations against K-Solo are pretty serious. He has been accused of savagely beating his wife in what amounts to nothing short of a felonius aggravated battery. He has also been accused of murdering an unborn child, essentially, since his wife claims his beatings caused her to miscarry her unborn child.

Whose version of the facts do we believe? The pictures provided to the press is meant to serve as evidence that K-Solo was responsible for these beatings. I certainly do not believe she self inflicted these wounds on herself. The question then is, who did? This is where witnesses will come into play to vouch for these beatings. If it turns out there are credible witnesses that can vouch to seeing K-Solo beat his wife, then he really looks terrible if he has lied and refused to own up to what he has done. I am unsure if this has been reported to the police but clearly, it needs to, even if the Nigerian Police does nothing about this.

Either way, when these kinds of allegations come, you talk to a lawyer ASAP. For AML artists and industry people in the USA, UK and other Western countries, this is not even negotiable. Get to your lawyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, ASAP before the police come knocking at your door.

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