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Rapper 2Shotz Accused of Scamming Lead University Students Out of 100,000 Naira

Artists, get your acts together, really. This is, overall, a bad look. 2Shotz, this is a terrible story to hit the web. What am I talking about? College students at Lead University in Nigeria have dedicated a website solely to share their story on how they were allegedly defrauded by Rapper 2Shotz.

The allegations raise legal issues of a breach of oral contract, fraud and conversion, among other possible claims they could sue 2Shotz for under Nigerian contract law. However, these students figure the power of publicity via media/bloggers and social media is just as strong and less expensive. They chose the latter and have dedicated a website to tell their story as well as shared the news with the press and bloggers.

Artists, promoters are now suing for breach of contract. We saw many suits and altercations, over money and performance, emerge last year among some really popular names including P-Square and Naeto C. Folks, iron out your terms in your live performance agreements beforehand.

In the case below, 2Shotz should have placed all of what he wanted in a legal agreement and also indicated his perks. This would have avoided any issues. Should those issues arise, he would have the documents evidencing what was agreed upon and what was actually paid. I expect to see more rumble and tumble in this area. Artists and event organizers continue to have problems both here in the States and in Nigeria. Here, promoters are more likely to sue. In Nigeria, promoters are more likely to take matters into their hands. Either way, AML artists, don’t ruin your reputation and long term employment opportunities over making a quick buck in a shoddy way.

“How 2shotz Scammed Leads Uni. Students


This incidence happened on the 21st of May 2012. An undisclosed name contacted 2shotz via twitter to be a part of a fashion show called “FashionMIX” to be held on the 24th of May 2012. After the brief conversation, 2shotz asked the organizers to pay the sum of 100,000 on the 22nd May 2012 before 10am to seal the deal.

The team complied; they paid the money in full (100,000) to 2shotz Zenith bank account before 10am that morning.

On the 23rd was the agreed date to leave lagos for Ibadan where the event was being held, 2shotz asked the organizers come pick him up at his house: 13 sobo siffre street, arowojobe estate, mende, Maryland, near suya spot:

By 3pm the organizers of the event arrived at 2shotz house to pick him up, he then said he’s coming with two extra persons, he’s PA and an artiste with the name ruffcoin.

We provided the car “rover salon car” (4 doors) after a while 2shotz entered the car and they drove out, in less than 10mins he said the car doesn’t have an air conditioner, that we should get another car.

Without fail, we got a SIENA SPACE BUS, 2shotz and his team refused to join the car and used the team “this industry na parkaging, we gats enter car with ac” they now said for them to show up, we must pay the sum of 50,000 extra, They called this charge: (The Driving Inconvenience Charge).

After a long deliberation and argument, 2shotz then said ok, the organizers should give him 30,000 instead of the 50,000.

The time was already past 6pm, while the other event crew in a bus had left since 3pm, so we had no choice than to leave lagos without 2shotz, which made the organizer spent an extra 10,000 which wasn’t budgeted for.

The follow day the organizer went back to lagos to pick 2shotz (24th May 2012) which was the event day, 2shotz and his team arrived by 12pm, leaving the organizer another un-budgeted expense of 16,000.

Immediately on his arrival, he was escorted to his hotel suit (2 rooms charlet), shortly 2shotz requested for 6 girls and drinks, in less than one hour all he asked for was provided for him and his team.

Event was scheduled for 6pm, 2shotz didn’t show up, as at about 10pm one of the organizer went ahead to check up on him, 2shotz was drunk and asleep with his team and girls. . .” See Am2SHotz for the full story.

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