Celebrities Behaving Badly

Celebrities Behaving Badly: Talentless Rapper SAEON Throws Fit Over Comparison with A-List Actress Tonto Dikeh


Saeon Lie ft FlowsickFor a while now, I have been displeased with what the artist Saeon has been putting out there. I love her R&B songs and vocal abilities and I am in love with her talent but of late, Saeon has been going through some major identity crisis. She has no clue who she is as a musician. One minute she thinks she is a rapper, and in my view, a very bad i.e. talentless rapper at that. Another minute, she is back to staying in her lane as an R &B singer with very high next big star prospects.

It was cute when she first shared her very first rap audio/video where she was fooling around but now, she is just being plain disrespectful to the craft. In fact, she wants to force us to accept that she is a rapper. Why this assault?Is it by force to rap?

Her last email to me, via her pr team, with her so called rap song “F**king Problem,” was so vexing to me, I almost clicked the reply button to let her know I had an “F**king problem” with her/her pr team not sifting through her email list and knowing who she sends such rubbish songs and videos to. This is the same woman “supporting” “Women4Africa” and lending her voice to issues that affect women. I can’t, I really can’t with the contradictions and complete confusion some of you artists put out there.

In any event, this newbie/emerging act got the privilege of being compared to one of the most notable stars out of Nollywood (the second largest film industry, in terms of production,  in the world), Tonto Dikeh. Instead of being appreciative, she gets on twitter and proceeds to give the fan a verbal beat down.

Her tweets were laced with such arrogance and insult to the person who gave her the honor of being compared to Dikeh, it made me wonder who she thought she was. Saeon who are you, really? You are yet to really “blow” and this is the attitude and rudeness you can come up with all because you were compared to a famous Nollywood Actress? Really?

I am completely turned off by this young woman’s reaction on twitter and rudeness to a fan/follower/person who made the comment.

I detest it when people show up and act like they are better than others, especially when they are yet to prove themselves. Industry heads or fans saying you are good doesn’t make you so high and mighty where you have the audacity to get on twitter and throw a fit when someone compares you, a newbie, to one of Nollywood’s A-list  stars.

When you can command the kind of star power and downloads on a single song that Dikeh does, then throw a fit when next someone compares you to her. Until then, fall back, say “thank you” when you get such an honor and do your time in the industry.

You are extremely talented. Stop with the distractions/tantrums and stay focused on the music.


Saeon Throws Fit Over Comparison with Tonto Dikeh

Saeon in her R&B Awesomeness

Saeon with her split multiple personality music disorder talentless rapper role

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