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Celebrities Behaving Badly: Ugo Izeogu of 3UD Goes CRAZY on Rapper Eva Alordiah Over Alleged Claim of Ownership of 3UD

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EVA's Mannequin Emix CoverWhen you see your name coming up over and over again in certain kinds of business disputes, you’ve got to STOP, take notes and note that you are THE common denominator. I think this rule applies to Eva Alordiah. I understand the challenges women face in the industry and Nigeria at large. Nevertheless, I think Eva needs to take inventory of the kinds of relationships she enters into and think hard about the lessons learnt, if any, and GROW. Eva is not the only female artist in the industry with a strong personality, looks and talent. You gotta know how to manage your brand and know yourself well to avoid these kinds of brouhaha.

Also, where someone is hot and bothered or claiming they will sue you on twitter or social media, being non-responsive is the best way to go i.e. don’t engage. Again, Nigerians, there are courts in your country. They can be found across the nation. Many Nigerians  like to be Oyinbo ( i.e. go for all things Western) but when it really matters, they revert to “I have been cursed with juju (witchcraft et al.) and lost my damn mind. In fact I have stripped naked and I am running mad on the streets of Lagos as street people (internet audience) laugh at the spectacle I create.” Can we be Oyinbo where it really matters??Ugo D Igoezu Bitter War with Eva on Twitter 8

There really is no basis for the street fight open your yansh on the internet modus operandi that is all too rampant in the industry.

Now as to Ugo, really? Mennnh, you embarrassed me, really. I never for once thought Eva owned 3UD. In fact, if anything, I thought 3UD helped amplify her brand. All branding, marketing and promotions all of which has been sent to me from your company/you and other blogger colleagues have been clear on this. Even if she claims she does, it is an easy fix to make her stop. A statement making it official that you have parted ways, all company logos, trademarks, name etc. belong to 3UD and the 3UD brand in no way affiliates or does business with her is all you needed. Considering such breakup comes five months later and on the heels of Eva’s breakup with Trybe Records, you would not need to fill in the details because Nigerian bloggers will cook egusi and pounded yam complete with Fanta to wash down Eva as a troublemaker artist that is just too difficult to work with. They already made such statements during the Trybes fall out.

For you to now take the good faith name and respect you have built and just trample on it on social media, immediately after getting off the phone with your client is scary. What’s even scarier is you divulged your client’s passport information and picture. Granted you had the common sense to redact private information as we would have been talking criminal liability now, but really? And you are a business man for who? Who do you manage again?

Why would anyone want to recommend, do business, promote or give business to an out of control business owner who takes to twitter to divulge information about a client?  She is a client, isn’t she?

For both parties, your fans may love you but you also need insiders and other patrons to help you execute on your visions. If people are concerned that you are going to go off on twitter/social media when you have disputes with them, what’s the incentive to want to work with you?

Are you the only one that has ever been cheated on? Lied to? Taken for a ride? Ugo “you fought for her, made enemies because of  her, got others to invest in her,” what exactly is your point? So what? You are a business owner. It is part of the calculated risks you take in doing business, especially in the entertainment industry. Write a book, speak at a conference, sue in court just get off the crying, whining and rants over social media like a  mad man and make better business choices and investments in the future. You lose one, you gain more. Going on twitter to do all that you just did is hard to understand. As an incorporated business with the CAC that you proudly show off to prove your point, again, tell me why any serious minded industry entrepreneurs/artists focused on their monies would want to give you their brands to manage. You can’t even manage your own brand when there is a perceived crisis, which from all indications you created. Why should anyone buy into what you are selling?

Eva’s response to all of Ugo’s rants and posting of her passport: “The people I wrote Mercy for finally caught their sub” and “Remember what they say about people who run their mouth first? What we do? Denge pose. Silence”.

Eva, you need to check yourself,  really, particularly the business relationships you enter into. What’s really good?


Ugo D Igoezu Bitter War with Eva on Twitter Ugo D Igoezu Bitter War with Eva on Twitter 2 Ugo D Igoezu Bitter War with Eva on Twitter 3 Ugo D Igoezu Bitter War with Eva on Twitter 4 Ugo D Igoezu Bitter War with Eva on Twitter 5 Ugo D Igoezu Bitter War with Eva on Twitter 6 Ugo D Igoezu Bitter War with Eva on Twitter 7

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  1. Frank says:

    Hi Uduak

    Surprise you got this drama late on your site, was checking ur site out for the past 2 days to see if you got this up and what the write up will look like. Now Eva has a problem, when you start having issues with everyone you do business with then (Eva) needs to fall back and run check on herself and ask herself ” What am i doing wrong” ? She got prospects of getting her “A” game on but she needs to stop all the drama, drop all that baggage and handle her business. Right now in the eyes of everyone she might have been tagged as “bad for business” or let me put it like this “bad market”. Now Ugo really messed up here, he went on twitter ranting like he lost his mind, your CAC certificate says it all that the company belongs to you so why make a fool of yourself on twitter. This also proves that your management company is been ran by bunch of incompetent folks.. This is why you need a publicist who will come into picture and release a statement about the situation letting the public know that you guys partied ways, church close, business over but instead you took the unprofessional way to handle the situation. I guess this is the season of parting ways in the Nigeria music industry.


  2. foza says:

    I am particularly concerned about the neglect for repercussive actions in the music industry. The stakeholders seem to be forgetting that image is one of their strongest selling points. I have commended 3ud’s brilliance in managing Eva’s career and as a lay man I didn’t see any action of ownership claims by Eva. Instead she was a rep of the company’s panache. Ugo’s outrage is disappointing and a slap on business intergrity. Eva however, as enjoyed negative press as regards working relationship which should be addressed as opposed to the silence method she adopts. If I’m not mistaken, a suit from Eva can arise in torts Or contract as the case maybe. But this in my opinion goes deeper than claims of ownership.

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