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AML Celebrity Crimes: Chris Brown Finally in that Orange Uniform, Jailed for 1 Month, Kanye West Jailed for 1 Day, Chief Keef Still Acting a Fool, Petey Pablo Released

Folks, let’s keep all things about celebrity crimes discussed on AML as a discussion. DO NOT  try this at home people. But, should you find yourselves ignoring my instructions and applicable law enforcement coming to get  you, do get the best criminal defense lawyer money can buy. Just thought y’all should know that.

Okeedoke. A couple of highlights here. In 2009, Chris Brown committed the infamous battery against Rihanna. All folks and especially white folks really loved Rihanna and so you knew that had to be a very costly mistake both personally and professionally. Also, the folks kicking it with him i.e. the ones responsible for his career were clearly giving him bad advice because that boy should have laid low for a while and sorted himself out. Instead, they continued to push him on the professional front. The end result has been one terrible confused and lost fella trying to figure it out and arguably many still not giving him a break on the career front, per se.

We have seen him get into drugs, relationship drama which is just as draining and just as bad as drugs, fights with music colleagues and so much more. Dang y’all, what’s with the Drake move now officially dating Rihanna? Now we see what the whole bar fights, in the presence of Rihanna, with Brown was all about. Nevertheless, despite it all and a recent diagnosis for Bipolar, he has managed (thanks to his pretty good lawyers) to stay out of jail. Not anymore. The judicial system appears fed up with accommodating him and they finally got him in that orange uniform. *Sigh* Akon’s ‘locked up’ seems appropriate here.

Kanye West also has it easy. Temper tantrums et al. where he admits and is witnessed committing battery and an assault on a photographer and all he gets is one day in jail. Not bad. Although technically speaking, no jail would even be better considering he has no rap sheet; and also there is an argument to be made, at least, from hi s view, that he was harassed etc. Anyway, the DA got something including two year probation term, Kanye West doesn’t want the unnecessary spectacle of a trial. He just wants to get it over with. Everyone appears to be moving on with their lives, until the next case, that is.

Finally, Chief Keef just can’t seem to get it together can he? Despite industry folk extending hands to him, he just insist on making choices that has him locked up. *Sigh* Black people we can do better. Let’s come up higher people, as a community and as a people.

It’s a wrap. I’ll catch you all soon. Finally settling in after what was like three weeks straight of being superbly busy.


AML Celebrity Crimes

1.TMZ Live Chris Brown Jailed No More Excuses

2. Kanye West Sentenced To 1 Day In Jail + 2 Years Probation For Paparazz Assault

3. Tyler the Creator Arrested in Texas (AML Intern Ojonoka Shared this news).

4. Petey Pablo Released From Prison

5. Chief Keef Arrested for DUI After Rehab  

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