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Celebrity Crimes: DJ Tee Allegedly STABS Fellow Artist on Music Video Set #AggravatedAssault


You all are familiar with AML feature titled ‘Celebrities Behaving Badly.’ However, behaving badly where actions or in-actions result in civil liability, has nothing to do with criminal courts and violation of the criminal penal codes in the respective countries I particularly focus on i.e. USA, Nigeria and Ghana. What’s more appropriate is a titled called ‘Celebrity Crimes’ to discuss some of the criminal acts allegedly committed by our African celebrities. Hopefully, this section stays as scant as possible. We have seen the K-Solo story. Now, we have a new story that is highly disturbing.

Today’s post is a news story I have held on to for a minute because I really wanted to hear more facts. The victim here has since produced more facts by way of his version of the facts both in writing and on video. He alleges a violent attack that is nothing short of an aggravated assault that caused serious bodily injury to him.

In the USA in California where I practice, a Prosecutor would most likely charge a criminal defendant who allegedly commits this kind of crime with section 245(a)(1) of the California penal code, assault with a deadly weapon most likely to cause serious bodily injury. ‘Deadly weapon” is interpreted broadly. It can be a shoe, a pen, bat, a scissors, a knife, beer bottle etc. It is how that object is used that gets it into the category of a deadly weapon.

Can your hands and feet get you a 245(a)(1) ? It depends on the facts. But, it is plausible.

If prosecutors charge DJ Tee, in Nigeria, I believe it would most likely be a felony charge. In California, a (245(a)(1)) could also be a “wobbler” meaning it can be charged as a misdemeanor, although I doubt that (would be the case) here. In fact, this kind of case could bring on charge(s) that include “attempted murder,” given the gravity of the injuries. A (245(a)(1)) is also a charge that is a strike-able offense in California, if charged as a felony.

The California 3 strikes law essentially say if you commit a crime that is a “strike-able” offense, on your third strike, you will be mandated to serve a sentence of 25 to life in a California State prison. Terrible law on so many levels but this is not the platform to get into that policy debate.

In this case, happening in Nigeria, the facts here are terrible, the attack very violent considering it is injury to the head and face and the results could have been worse i.e. death. This set of facts are highly disturbing and irrespective of whether DJ Tee in fact did stab this young man, the situation ought to be investigated and persons charged. Needless to say, a music video set has no room for this kind of violence.

What are DJ Tee’s Defenses?

Hey, there are two sides to every story and certainly different perspectives. (Indeed) room has to always be made, in my view, to hear the other side. So, what are the defenses a criminal defendant can argue as the basis for such violent attack? In DJ Tee’s case, he has been saying, “I am not the one.” This defense is that of a “mistaken identity.” It is a viable defense here in the USA and it makes sense it is also an option in Nigeria. But, do check the criminal codes which is also referenced in link below. The facts as chronicled says there were quite a number of persons on the set. (So his defense is plausible. The victim here could very well be mistaken given the commotion.). The strength of (DJ Tee’s) defense is contingent on the many witnesses who can vouch for or against him. There are far many saying they saw him do it.

Another defense can be self defense. When someone attacks you, you have a right to defend yourself. The question then turns on the kind of force you used in defending yourself. Nigeria’s criminal code provides the opportunity to claim self defense in its criminal code.

For Nigeria’s criminal law on assault and battery click here.

“My name is Tolani Alvin Osungade, and this is what really happened between Dj Tee and I…… Firstly, the video shoot was suppose to start @ 10am and I was there to support my friend “malcoholic” the owner of the video shoot. He (malcoholic) told to me invite friends (video girls and guys) which I did. The video shoot did not start early because it rained and the location was being cleaned. And due to the fact that the shoot didn’t start on time, people were having refreshments, guys were drinking (including dj tee and his crew). As this was going on, comments were going round that dj tee just insulted some girls I don’t know due to them asking for payment to be in the video and i also heard dj tee was going to call his own people to come and replace them.

Finally, my friends came by 5:30pm, and when they came and saw the set up they made their thoughts known to me that they don’t do videos for free but they were being insulted by some guys I don’t know myself but there was no fight and I did my best to calm them down and they decided to stay. My brother (Dolapo) came by 6pm with his friend, and Dolapo immediately made it clear to me that he didnt like the set up (the environment) as well and was going to leave in a bit. But I told him to stay just to support Malcoholic and he said “the only reason he’s staying was because of me”, and my invited friends also said the same thing because they were all tired of waiting and the video shoot had still not started since 1pm. Finally, the shoot started @ 7:30 and dj tee started calling people to come on set but there was little response due to people being tired from waiting all day then Dj started getting aggressive, his voice was getting louder, I was actually part of the first 5 to go on set and my brother (Dolapo) came along with me without his friend making us 6, few mins later, almost everybody joined. Some minutes later, I saw dolapo’s friend walking away and I asked her where she was going and she only pointed at dj tee and she said he just insulted her and she was leaving, while this was going on, dj tee was lashing out at the people that were not on set yet, in his words “get these bitches out, get these bitches downstairs”, Dolapo’s friend was leaving the set then dj tee asked her what was wrong?

Sincerely speaking, I didn’t hear her response but dj tee was speaking loud so I heard him say “bitch” and people went there to find out what the problem was. I didnt go with them because I was still on set and Kaffy (the dancer) was already coordinating us but I was looking towards that direction. Then I started hearing noise like a fight was going on and people were saying “dj tee leave him” and I also heard “Dolapo go” then I knew it was dj tee and my brother , then I went there. On getting there, the stairs was blocked and I could not see him and just wanted to get there to be sure he was ok and get him out because dj tee was saying “awon eruku mi da” in english “where are my thugs” “don’t let him go, he must not leave this place alive” because he claimed dolapo slapped him so he was saying “do you know who I am, how dare you” and he kept on ranting “I’ll kill you” “don’t let him go, he must not leave here alive” while dj tee was trying to get to him in person. My sister was begging him and telling him “dj tee, he’s my brother, please leave him” and to get his attention, she threw an empty fanta can drink at dj tee then he and his boys looked but paid her no attention.

I struggled my way out finally and I saw Dolapo practically running out and dj tee was chasing him and he instructed them to lock the gate and he then said to his boys “efo igo nibeyen, gbogbo igo ti eba ri, efo, ki e gun” in english “break bottles, find him and stab him” and his boys did as instructed and asked for permission to kill him (Dolapo) and dj tee said “yes, stab him”. Dj tee found him, tried to beat him but he was being held back, then he saw a bottle on the floor, picked up and broke it, dolapo’s female friend saw this and she went to plead with him and he pushed her into a gutter and looked away and was trying to go back to Dolapo with the broken bottle then I started pleading with him and he was shooting me dirty looks and he was saying “ti iwo oba kuro ni waju mi, ma te oju e mole” in english (get out of my way before I hurt you) .Still trying attack Dolapo, I still pleaded with him, then he stabbed my head and just walked away like it was nothing. Soaked in blood, I was still looking for Dolapo but didnt know he had been informed to run because dj tee had broken a bottle and was still looking for him. My sister saw me bleeding and she tried getting me out of the place with help of mr Dele (owner of d location).

As we we’re running out, dj tee and his boys were still coming after us with sticks and bottles and dj tee was still saying “kill him don’t let him go”. We got to the gate and it was locked so they caught up with us, seeing that I was already bleeding, I was ignored and dj tee and his boys then faced my sister (Bolaji) and beat her up. She was pleading and still getting beaten and threatened added that “if she is asked about the incident, she should say I fell on a bottle”Then the mr Dele (owner of the venue) ordered the gatement to open the gate because I had to be rushed to a hospital then we were let out. Dj tee and his boys vandalized a family friends car who came to support as well because he was also pleading with dj tee and his boys to let Dolapo go. I remember dj tee saying “I will kill you, I can do this and get away with it, you are too small to me, do you know who I am in this industry”…

In addition, I am not looking for cheap publicity neither am i trying to slander anybody’s name or image, I am from a very respectable home and background and this is known to all. This is just very painful because people are saying all sorts and nobody has an idea of what i’m going through, I’ve been scared for life whether Dj Tee gets punished for this crime or not, I am not after a pity party but the fact that Dj Tee thinks that he is untouchable and can get away with this is why my family is enraged and will make sure this ends here, and quoting what i wrote on my twitter page earlier “I’ve never been aggressive about anything in my life and neither do I cause trouble, @adetokunbodjtee, you took advantage of my youth, justice will be done” I’m deeply disappointed if this is how someone who calls himself a public figure acts or treats the public.” – Statement first published on LindaIkeji’s blog

Two comments by Linda Ikeji commentators acknowledging a propensity for violence by DJ Tee

Anonymous said…
Its no surprise this happened. I can tell 1st hand that this guy was stabbed even though I wasn’t there. DJ Tee has been known for a long string of violence and artiste oppression which I have witnessed personally dating far back as Faze Alone music video where he broke a bank security man’s head with barricade chains. Not forgetting how he smashed Maintains tapes on set with heavy threats. The facts are there and even a blind man can see that the injury is deliberately inflicted and not accidental as DJ Tee claims. Besides, instructing able bodied men to beat up a woman cause she threw a can of malt at you out of helplessness and annoyance of her bro being beaten shows he is barbaric, a misogynistic and a saddist!

June 29, 2012 2:34 PM

Dr Dee said…
I don’t know if Dj Tee stabbed this dude, but I know he has a bad temper. He slapped my friend Big Lo years ago for asking him for a refund of payment made for an undone music video.

June 29, 2012 3:26 PM


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