Nollywood — Actor Charles Okocha aka “Igwe 2Pac” Suffers Meltdown on Instagram (Video)

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Nollywood actor Charles Okocha posted a video on his instagram page yesterday that has since gone viral. In the video, he begins with repeatedly saying, “I’m gonna shine when I’m gonna shine” and taking what seems like anxiety induced heavy breaths. At the later part of the video clip, he breaks down in tears.

Okocha’s profile on his Instagram page reads as follows, ” Igwe 2pac – Your favourite actor. #Jigga #PrinceUbaka #Igwe2pac bookings – 08176824910

It is unclear what the cause of his breakdown is i.e. acting, substance abuse, or other mental health distress. Nevertheless, it is interesting to note that in December 2015, Okocha was allegedly shot in the head by a stray bullet from the gun of a Policeman in Anambra state in Nigeria.  Whatever the case, there is clearly a mental health issue here i.e. he is distressed. Therefore, I hope his family and friends see this video so they can ensure he gets the help and support he may need at this time, if any.

~Ms. Uduak

A video posted by Igwe 2pac (@charles_okocha) on

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